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Children's Literature Modern Fairy Tales and Fables - A Review of the Sisters Grimm

March 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 380

What was old is new again! In the book series The Sisters Grimm the writer Michael Buckley has reinvented all the old fairy tales and fables. Sabrina and her sister Daphne Grimm discover a whole new world within their own world as fairy tale and fable characters walk the streets like normal people in the town where their grandmother lives.

There are eight books out so far with the ninth one due out in May. The adventure starts out with the two sisters becoming orphans when their parents suddenly go missing. After a few foster homes they are sent to live with a grandmother they never knew they had. This is when they learn the family secret, the family business and the family legacy. They are descendants of the original Grimm brothers who wrote all those old fairy tales which turn out to be real stories. Their grandmother teaches them how to be detectives, that's the family business, and how to solve the mysteries they encounter on a daily basis.

I don't want to give too much of the story away for those of you who haven't read the books (I do have a tendency to do that) but the sisters have many adventures and nearly get killed several times. The Big Bad Wolf is their grandmother's best friend and body guard, Snow White is a teacher in the school they attend she also teaches a self defense class which includes martial arts, Prince Charming is the Mayor of the town (for a while), the Three Little Pigs are the sheriff and deputies in the town (for a while), Puck (the trickster king) is their grandmother's adopted grandson, the Scarecrow (from the Wizard of Oz) is the town librarian and Robin Hood is a lawyer!

• Book 1 - Fairy Tale Detectives • Book 2 - The Unusual Suspects • Book 3 - The Problem Child • Book 4 - Once Upon a Crime • Book 5 - Magic and Misdemeanors • Book 6 - Tales From the Hood • Book 7 - The Everafter War • Book 8 - The Inside Story • Book 9 - (Due out in May 2012) The Council of Mirrors

The reading level for these books is listed as age eight and up or third grade and up. I'm glad they put the up because I love them and I'm up there pretty far. These are great books for young readers and the rest of us because they allow us to get swept up in fun adventures and really enjoy reading children's literature. These are fun, the story is easy to keep up with and the characters are really well done!

Julie L. Worthington is a writer of fantasy adventure and science-fiction middle-grade and young adult books along with short stories. She is passionate about children's literature both old and new. To find out more or to read some of her work go to

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