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No Child Is Born To Be Fat

April 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 175

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. How much more stubborn are humans than horses? Natural selection has kept the balance in every area except humanity. Survival of the fittest, that is nature's way. There is no weak link allowed in nature, disease kills the weak, and makes any survivors that much stronger or resistant. Humans once endured the same hardships as every other life form does in nature. Humans however, developed systems to avoid 'natural' selection. In doing so, they also allowed the regeneration of weak DNA, resulting in chronic health issues passed from one generation to the next. Life is now sustained regardless of physical condition. To complicate the situation further, they have added excessive creature comforts, and the masses have taken full advantage.

For reasons that I have my own opinions of, the medical community has educated the masses that heredity is to blame, and to a degree it is. The actual truth, is the diet of the parents and what they are feeding the children is the 'heritage' that is being passed along. Over feeding, or poorly feeding anything, does not make for a healthy life. Human, animal or plant. It has been proven over and over. Education is not working, you can find the information everywhere and most of it is free. I teach classes and my classroom is empty. I've heard all the excuses.

A human child's body needs specialized calories (energy), it needs specialized nutrients, (a variety of foods, not just starches and sugars). It needs water, not soda, not powdered mixes, and not 'juice drinks'. It needs to run and play in the outdoors. They need to get dirty, they need to get scraped and scratched (to build the immune system). The highly marketed 'fear' of germs 'campaign' that has saturated the airwaves for decades, and the unnecessary food products consumed (also marketed for generations), have parents believing a sterile environment is good for kids. At the same time, they think they can 'grow' a healthy body with artificial food and a vitamin pill.

Everything involving childhood obesity is connected to overfeeding or poorly feeding and a lack of activity, especially the outdoor kind. A healthy, muscular, body requires the 'nutrients' to build one. A healthy body starts with the immune system, (white blood cells that locate and destroy anything abnormal) nothing to fight=failure to function (autoimmune disorder). A healthy body mass requires protein, no protein for building muscle= fat. Muscle won't develop if there is no physical activity. Carrying around fat, will build muscle in the areas supporting the weight. Look at any fat/obese person who is still able to walk and check out the calf muscles. Next ask the ones on 'disability' and riding scooters if it is because they blew out their knees, or backs carrying the extra weight. 100% will say yes, to one or both conditions. Finally, there is no getting around it, calories that are not used are stored, as fat, period.

I am here to help parents, if your child is 1-10 years old, it is not too late. If they are 5-10 years already, the self esteem alone, will be so worth the effort.They will thank you in the end, that I promise. For more information or to schedule a consultation please visit.

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