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Splashing Out on a Private Jet

March 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 156

Is there any better way to travel than by a luxury private jet? Chartering a private jet is not something the average person can usually afford but there are a surprising number of people today for whom this is the best option for travel. When comparing the costs with travelling first class on a scheduled commercial airline, a private jet can often come out on top, especially if there is a group of travellers involved.

There are many benefits of private jet travel: those draining check-in times are reduced to minutes rather than hours, flights take place at a time that suits to a destination of your choice. At many airports there is also a separate terminal area and entrance for corporate charters. Even seasoned corporate air charter users still enjoy the experience as they climb up the private jet's steps and bypass the thronging cattle market cramped into the main terminal. This is before they even sit down on the comfortably spacious seats and sip the perfectly chilled champagne.

Flying in the Lap of Luxury

Privacy is the most obvious luxury that you gain from a private jet charter. For celebrities, high profile politicians and businessmen, this privacy is essential to protect them from the intrusion of press and the public while providing a secure environment for travel.

Private jet charters provide excellent in-flight catering, in many cases rivaling the best restaurants on the ground. While standing room is not standard across all private aircraft, the luxurious seating arrangements more than compensate oft negating the need. All the usual facilities such as toilets, wash basins and cabin staff are present too, but in such style and luxury as to befit a private plane. Smaller and older aircrafts might not offer in-flight entertainment as standard but this distraction is much less essential when you can enjoy stylish space and comfort!

Luxurious Holidays

Private jets are not only for business trips. They can also make great sense for holidays, especially group holidays. Not only are you afforded a greater choice of landing destinations, which eliminates the need for connecting flights, you fly on your time which means you make the most of your holiday.

Business Jet Travel

Today's business people increasingly operate in a competitive global marketplace and in spite of communications technology provided by computers and telephones they sometimes simply have to meet customers or staff around the world. For such senior business people the old adage is true: time is money. A business jet charter can represent the most efficient means of travel. Flexibility on dates, times and destinations, no check-in or immigration queues, no connecting flights, generous baggage allowance and elegant comfortable cabins all make for a perfect choice for such travellers who need to arrive at their destination in the best possible condition to successfully conduct their business.

Recapture the Glamour of Air Travel

The early days of flight were seen as something glamorous and aspirational but this perception has largely disappeared in the face of commercial air travel and the no frills airlines. Now it's crowded terminals, long check-in queues, security checks, cramped seating, frequent delays and cancellations that are associated with air travel. Chartering your own private jet is by far the best way to recapture the stylish glamour of those early days of flight without any of these modern inconveniences.

Air Partner plc is a world-class provider of private jets among other services to industry, commerce, governments and individuals worldwide. The company has earned global recognition as a leading business jet charter supplier and organises ad hoc charters of aircraft of every size for any reason. Air Partner is the only company in the aviation industry to hold a Royal Warrant (as Supplier of Aircraft Charter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II) a globally recognised mark of excellence.

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