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Private Charter Jet Safety

February 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 187

For people in the Las Vegas area and in fact, individuals from all over who are new to flying on a private jet, one aspect of a private chartered aircraft, like a Gulfstream jet, that you will not have to be concerned about is aircraft and passenger safety.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has established strict standards that all managed aircraft companies must adhere to or face strict penalties. (You can see exactly what those standards are by requesting to see the FAA's air taxi certification.)

Part 135 The FAA's guideline that makes sure all safety regulations are complied with is called Part 135. It is a section in the Federal Aviation Administration aircraft certification process. Part 135 (also Part 119) is designed to establish and enforce operational and safety standards for jets with less than nine seats.

The items required for certification under Part 135 include:

• A formal application letter • Specification of operations • Letter of compliance • Pilot resume • Pilot and medical certificate • HazMat procedure manual and training program:• Drug and alcohol program

Areas for Inspection The last step in the thorough process of becoming Part 135 certified is that the crew and the aircraft be evaluated by an inspection team. Areas that will be examined include:

• Aircraft facilities • Aircraft components • Record keeping • Pilot and crew experience and certification • Flight control • Emergency procedures • Maintenance routines • Proper insurance

Some areas to expound upon include:

Pilot and Crew: The pilot needs to have logged 3,000 hours of total flying time and 300 hours of flying time on the specific aircraft. Often, top private charter jet company pilots have logged 8,000 to 9,000 hours of flying time.

In addition to flying time, Part 135 requires further qualifications for pilots to be certified to operate the aircraft. Among other factors, this will include the safety record of the pilot and crew, along with their training documentation.

Insurance: $25 million insurance limits are common for a smaller aircraft, like a nine-seat Gulfstream jet. Midsize and large (heavy) jets will have insurance policies with limits of $50 million and $100 million respectively. You can ask to see proof of coverage.

Safety Audits, On-site: If the managed aircraft firm holds regular inspections by independent auditors, they will meet or exceed any Part 135 requirements. Ask them if they have those inspections.

Overall, private charter jet safety is just as solid and scrutinized as commercial aircraft.

Norwood McDaniel has traveled to most continents and countries. He manages business aircraft for a variety of clients at his company at You can contact him at to learn about professional aircraft management.

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