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NetJets Private Jets - An Excellent Option for Travelers

March 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 175

The NetJets aircraft manufacturing corporation is one of the leading private jet companies in the world. For more than 25 years, they provided luxury jets for travelers who prefer to fly privately for business purposes and much-needed vacations. They have a large and diverse fleet, which includes some of the most reliable jets in the world. They also offer essential services to their passengers so they can feel secure and have a good experience while traveling.

NetJets currently has 13 different types of aircraft to accommodate their passengers. These jets range from small to large cabin models and can carry anywhere from six to 18 passengers. Some of their most popular models include the Cessna Citation and the Hawker for their small and mid-sized fleet. For passengers who need more room, the Dassault Falcon and the Gulfstream lines are available as well.

The most outstanding quality of NetJets is their fractional ownership program. This allows travelers to purchase interest in a specific aircraft so they can have the benefits of owning a jet without the maintenance and storage responsibilities. They also do not need to hire pilots or plan the logistics because NetJets assigns a service team to each fractional owner so they can travel with very little worries.

The biggest challenge of fractional ownership is having a plane available on short notice. NetJets realized this was a big concern for travelers, so they managed to solve this problem with guaranteed availability. They will send you the aircraft of your choice whenever you request it. If they do not have the aircraft you wish to use, they will send you a similar one, or even a larger one if possible.

In addition to these benefits, NetJets also offers their passengers a few extra perks. One service is the Mayo Clinic Executive Travel Response, which allows passengers to receive medical services no matter where they travel in the world. Travelers can also become part of the Avis Chairman's Club Preferred, which gives them a chance to receive the highest level car and a 30% discount. Passengers who do not fly often can purchase the Marquis Jet Card, which gives travelers 25 hours of flight time without committing to owning a jet.

All these advantages makes NetJets great for business owners no matter how often they travel. Not only can they reduce their travel time, they can also travel in style without having the responsibilities of owning a jet. NetJets does what it can to make traveling easy for passengers by providing a service team and great services. All the traveler needs to do is relax and enjoy their travels.

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