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Who Is Your Next CEO?

June 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 219

The Annie Casey Foundation says that in the next 8 years, 70% of all CEO's in human service organizations will reach retirement age. Maybe you are one of those CEO's who is looking right down the barrel of retirement. Or perhaps you are simply an employee in an organization where the CEO is beginning to talk about retirement. You're wondering, who's the next person to be in charge? Is it possible that the new CEO already works for the organization? What about that entry level person who just started last week at $18,500 per year. In five years, could that person be the next $100,000 CEO?

Nature has interesting lessons for us when it comes to personal growth. Take the Koi fish for example. I am fortunate enough to have a backyard fish pond. It's good sized - about 3500 gallons of water, and has about 20-25 fish. I'm never sure exactly how many; they move around quickly and are hard to count. The largest one, I call him "King", has been in there for about 8 years - he's at least 2' long. He's been about that size for several years now, so I think King is about as big as he is going to get. The other fish are younger and range in size from 6" to a foot or so. I assume that some fish will be bigger than others; they were just wired that way genetically.

Here's the interesting thing about Koi and other gold fish types as well. If you get them as babies and put them in a small bowl they will never grow to be more than several inches long. However, in a large pond like I have, a fish the size of King is not unusual.

So here is the critical question of this article. What are you doing to allow your staff to grow so that they will be prepared for promotion? So that the organization's line up of leaders is strong. Are you putting your entry level people in a" bowl" where they will never be much more than they are now or are you allowing them to work in a "large pond" where they have the freedom to grow and become more than you now imagine.

What would it mean for entry level staff to work in an environment where they can grow? As a supervisor, program director or manager, it's largely up to you whether they will stay small and act small or grow to maturity. Here's what you have to do:

• Expose them to as much training as possible; not just the mandated training but training that really enables them to learn about themselves and the world they live in. • Express the organizational commitment to employee growth and development. • As their immediate supervisor you look to expand their authority and overall experience; you delegate wisely and appropriately. • You listen when they speak; You take the time to enter into meaningful conversation... about work... about life.• Make sure your employees know that you are into solving problems not fault finding. Your employees are not afraid to tell you the truth regardless of how it reflects on you, themselves or anyone else.• You are never to busy too acknowledge their work - make sure every employee gets a positive word from you every day.

It makes all the difference in the world when employees have learned that you want them to be more than they are now. You never really know how much difference that could make. Listen to more of nature's lessons in this poem from the pen of musician Natalie Sleeth -

In the bulb there is a flower; In the seed an apple tree. In cocoons, a hidden promise; Butterflies will soon be free! In the cold and snow of winter There's a spring that waits to be...

Know this: inside each one of your employees is a strength and a resource that is bigger and more profound than either you or that employee knows about. Your job as supervisor is to find that strength and let it be expressed.

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