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How to Get Your Cat Healthy

June 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 237

To have a cat strong and healthy, it is essential that you are fed properly. Gone are the days when being an animal is fed with leftovers, and our cat has special requirements to be healthy.

It is true that cats are a bit demanding when eating. Anything, as leftovers, eats them only rarely and on a whim. This is mainly due to their nutritional needs. Our cat is a very careful eater, who refuses his food if it smells good, or is not served at the proper temperature. Your senses of smell and taste, you can detect if the food is not fresh.

One of the first things we learn as owners of these gourmets is that you need to feed every day at the same time.

It can happen to our cat, in his nocturnal escapades, supplement their diet by hunting and eating small prey, which in no way means that you are hungry or increasing you ration food, and avoid this. The cat hunting instinct, even the best fed a mouse hunt, if presented the opportunity.

Nutritional Requirements:

The cat, not a vegetarian and mandatory nutrient needs of animal origin and is unable to survive long on a diet completely free of meat.

The best way to ensure that your cat enjoys a balanced diet, is offering food prepared specifically for them, either canned or dry food or semi-dry, which contain the nutritional elements necessary for nourishment. In addition, you can give fresh food once or twice a week, to provide variety and interest to your diet. These foods can be cooked beef, broiled, grilled, or with some vegetables, canned sardines, chicken, fish stew, etc., taking care to remove all the thorns and bones.

Always bear in mind that food should be fed with specially formulated for cats, for example, should not be formulated to feed the dogs, because the cat needs 20% more protein than dogs, and require certain animal fats encuenran only in meats and fish (such as tureen).

Dry foods, be used as part of the diet, given that this type of food, increase the water requirement of the animal. It is best to alternate them with canned and fresh foods to make more balanced diet.

Whatever type of food you use, your cat should always have fresh water, so that you can eat according to your requirements.

A normal adult cat should weigh between 4 and 5 Kgs, but the weight of a cat varies according to the complexion of the race.

Eating well does not mean overweight. An overweight cat has a large abdomen that hangs down, breathing heavily and becomes less active. That excess kilos on requires the heart and makes you more prone to arthritis and other diseases as they age. Sometimes you can try a hormonal problem, but usually a fat cat, because they eat much more than you need.

If your cat is overweight, check with the vet if not the result of a medical problem, if not, the specialist can advise which is the best diet for your cat to lose weight, taking into account race, age, physical condition, and naturally, their own tastes and preferences, and remember, a cat overweight, has a much lower life expectancy than other cats.

The author has a great love for pet cats to their health an enjoys sharing information Cat Food and Cat Food Shop

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