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Do Your Homework Before You Buy Cat Furniture

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 155

You've looked at hundreds of pieces of cat furniture and still can't decide which one is right. Here are some things you should be aware of before you buy.

The most important component of a cat tree is the base. It should make the structure stable. When kitty runs up the tree or jumps on it, it should remain stationary and not rock or wobble. Look for a large flat base that will take heavy weight cats or multiple cats running and jumping on it without moving or swaying.

Scratching posts should be as large of a diameter as possible and should be wrapped with high quality sisal rope. Cats are naturally attracted to sisal rope and will usually scratch their little hearts out. Sisal rope is a very important part of cat furniture, you want them to scratch their furniture and not yours!

Beware of the cheap imported cat trees. Cheap doesn't reflect quality and more often than not, they are made with materials that could be toxic [harmful] to your cat. Find out what materials are used in the construction process before you buy.

Consider the various configurations that are available. You need adequate space and probably want to place it in front of a sunny window. Cats just love to be warm and will frequently seek out the sun for naps.

Are children or dogs present in the home? While cats, dogs and children get along well together, there are times when kitty wants to be out of reach and simply observe from a safe place. Your cat furniture should allow your cat a bit of solitude while still watching the goings on.

Most cats can't resist a toy that's dangling in front of them. The cat tree you select should come with a hanging toy for kitty to take a swipe (or two) at. Encourage your cat to play on the tree. Running, jumping and playing on it sort of turns the cat tree into a cat gym. Exercise is great, especially for indoor cats.

Buying cat furniture is an investment. You should plan on having it in your home for many years. Choose a color that will compliment the room and you'll be happy that it blends in with your other furnishings.

Look for comfort. Cats just love warm and comfy places. Make sure the coverings are durable. Some can be removed for cleaning and if the coverings are not removable, will they be easy to keep clean? You want something that's comfy yet easy to keep clean. Your cat will thank you for it.

How many levels does your cat need? Older cats like to climb to a level they feel safe and secure at. Younger kitties set their sights for the sky. Consider the age of your cat and how active he or she is before deciding how many levels are needed. Multiple cats will need as many levels as possible so that each of them can select their own spot.

There are so many choices available today. When you begin to search for just the right cat tree, it's easy to become confused or overwhelmed. Do your homework before buying and you and kitty will be happy for many years to come with the great cat furniture you selected.

Living with cats for many years has taught me a great deal about the needs that kitties have. I enjoy talking with people about their cats and sharing what I have learned about cat furniture and how it benefits our feline friends. Since starting our web store, I've had the opportunity to visit with many cat furniture manufacturers to understand more about the materials used and the construction process. Sharing this information with folks will ultimately help their kittties and pet parents alike.

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