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Celebrating the Family Cat - Pet Urn Ideas for Feline Friends

June 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 217

Oftentimes, a family is comprised of more than simply a mother, father and children. Sometimes we add a dog or a cat to our family and they seamlessly become integrated into our daily lives. When your pet cat passes away, you can feel the loss just as strongly as you would any other member of the family. If you make the decision to cremate your family feline a cat pet urn is a great way to memorialize your family pet's remains. There are many types of cremation urns that you might want to look into.

Ceramic A ceramic cat pet urn is a great way to memorialize your family's feline. The material allows for a wide range of designs and finishes. You can choose between a beautiful mural of cats at play painted on the urn or an iridescent finish that shimmers when the light catches it. While they are more fragile than other materials can be, a cat pet urn made from ceramic materials is more cost effective than, say wood or glass, and it can be just as beautiful.

Metal For lasting durability and as well as a thoughtful memorial, take a look at a metal cat pet urn. These urns are sleek and solid and can be emblazoned with a cat's paw print on the outside. You can also get a cat pet urn that's more ornate, with intricate metal detail and scrollwork. While some might consider metal to be a somewhat cold material for a cat pet urn, you would be surprised at the amount of sentimentality that a beautiful brushed silver or pewter urn can produce.

Glass Here's a unique idea to memorialize your cat after they've passed: have some of their cremains used in a blown glass globe. This is a pet cat urn idea that's both beautiful and functional. Each globe is handmade, using just a fragment of your family cat's cremains incorporated with brightly colored glass in the center. Glass urns are a beautiful way to memorialize the feline that enriched your life for so many years. While they are delicate and require that they are kept out of reach from curious little hands, they truly create a wonderful statement of love and memory.

While there are many options to choose from, the right cat pet urn is a decision that your family will make together and when you do, you can display it with pride in your home for the years to come so that you can always remember the pet that brought so much joy to your family for so many years.

Melody Jamali is the Founder and President of ( Une Belle Vie ), a Colorado company dedicated to bringing choice of cremation to public light. Their company offers the widest selection in decorative urns for cremation and includes a wide collection of resources designed to help families and friends in their time of need. From tool for the grieving to informative articles about planning, support and other uplifting thoughts, Une Belle Vie is a company dedicated to helping your celebrate the life of the one you love - on your terms.

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