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Cat Peeing in the House? The Litter Could Be to Blame

May 30, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 134

The issue of cat litter seems like it should be a fairly straightforward thing, right? I mean, it's essentially just kitty toilet "paper." Whether or not it's logical to us, cats do have preferences when it comes to litter. In fact, problems with the litter can be enough to send your cat looking for a litter box alternative he considers better, like the floor behind the sofa or a corner of the kitchen. So if you expect your cat to use the litter box, you'll need to get the litter right.

There are Different Types of Cat Litter for a Reason

Stop by any large pet store and you'll probably find at least half a dozen types of cat litter available. All litters have their pros and cons and the choice really depends on what your cat will use.

The most common are gravel-type litters made of either natural clay (non-clumping) or betonite clay (clumping). Most cats are fine with these. Avoid using betonite with kittens younger than eight weeks old, though. Young kittens are liable to ingest the litter, which can then cause an internal blockage.

On the other hand, a minority of cats prefer pellet-type litters. This may be because pellets are softer on the feet. You can find pellet litters made of corn, pine or recycled newspaper.

If given a choice, most cats will use unscented litter instead of scented litter. Keep in mind that a cat's sense of smell is more sensitive than ours. What smells good to us may be overwhelming and unpleasant to a cat. If you've been using scented litter, give unscented a try.

Not Too Much, Not Too Little

The amount of litter you put in the box is another factor you'll need to experiment with because different cats prefer different depths. Naturally, we humans who clean the litter box prefer deeper litter because it's easier to scoop.

The problem is that many cats dislike walking in deep litter and won't use a box with anything more than around 2 or 3 inches (5 to 7.5 cm) of litter in it. If you've been adding a lot of litter to the box, try cutting back to just 1 inch (2.5 cm). Although this shallow depth may make it harder to clean the box, it's worth the trouble if it ensures kitty actually uses the box. After all, it's a lot harder to keep cleaning "accidents" on the carpet or linoleum.

Keep It Clean

With their frequent "tongue bathing," cats have earned a reputation for cleanliness. Given a choice, a cat would never walk around in his own feces. Although kitties do tend to stick to one area for bathroom purposes, outdoors they're able to bury their leavings deeply enough that they don't have to walk through them. And once a spot gets too dirty, they just move on to a cleaner one.

If you expect your cat to use the litter box, the box must be clean. This means litter box scooping is a daily task. It's not something you can let go for a week or even three or four days. Deodorizers don't help if the cat still has to walk through poo and pee to use the box. Many cats just won't walk on that stuff. They'll look for a clean spot on the floor instead.

Be aware, too, that there are a few picky kitties out there who won't enter a box with any soiling whatsoever. That means you'll have to scoop after every bathroom visit.

You can correct your cat's inappropriate urination behavior and get rid of cat urine odors and stains completely, but the solutions may not always be obvious. Instead of wasting time learning by trial and error, visit to discover proven-effective ways to retrain your cat and regain your home.

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