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The Attitude of Success

April 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 185

Each title promising to reveal the "clues", e "secrets", the "steps" necessary to re-create balance and awareness in your life to reduce the negative effects of stress. As one reviews each book, the themes appear the same - eliminate your fears or capitalize on fear, channel or eliminate apprehension, worry (isn't that the same as fear?) - build strength, character, understanding, awareness, wealth...the list goes on and on.

Over the years, I have been a carnivore of these books, thinking that each one would take me one step closer to understanding myself, to understanding others, literally fascinated and captivated by the insights, and yet.....have I succeeded in understanding my own 'limiting beliefs'? Or, have I only succeeded in adding to my arsenal of even more excuses as to why I have not taken action? I guess the answer would be 'Yes' to both.

Each of us seeks to understand how it is that some people seem to have it all while others don't? Why is that Tom and Dave can score the same on an IQ test, yet, Tom is a total waste at school and Dave gets straight A's?

Why is it that Robert has been able to rise up from his abusive childhood, while Amy has felt hopeless because of it? Have you ever noticed that some people are good-natured and so friendly that you will go out of your way just to be near them while others are so negative that a few short moments of conversation simply suck you dry of all energy and enthusiasm? Do people who have successful and satisfying lives simply have more natural gifts then you? Were they born with better genetics?

The reality is that successful people, those among us we classify as 'driven' have simply stopped making excuses for inactivity. They have pulled their heads out of the clouds and decided to learn how to make the world around them work for them.

They have eliminated the behaviors and belief systems that don't benefit them in the long run and they have figured out what it is going to take to get the results they desire and deserve to have. They have chosen to develop excellence rather than waiting for it to bump into them.

All our beliefs in life are established at an early age - usually by the age of 7. From that point on, we are simply honoring those early programs. Beliefs are the learned results from our education, experience, and repetition.

Like touching a hot burner on the stove - the first time we touch it, we learn how hot it is and we very quickly learn how to avoid the pain associated with touching it. From this simplicity, we begin to understand that our entire decision making processes are motivated by one of two things: Pain or Pleasure.

Every behavior choice is, therefore, giving you a benefit - a pay off of sorts. We know most people will do anything to avoid PAIN (stop touching the hot burner); conversely, we will gravitate towards those behaviors which bring us pleasure.

When we evaluate the most powerful driving force affecting our decision making, it is quite clearly the avoidance of PAIN! If we link any part of our goal to PAIN, we literally sabotage our dreams before we ever begin moving towards them.

Most people stumble through life, blissfully unaware of the world around them. They remain preoccupied with thoughts of work, or personal problems, or how to get a date, or other trivialities, with no thought to their immediate environment or where they are going. By not paying attention to their surroundings, they place themselves in needless jeopardy.

Go sit in the intake area in your neighborhood hospital emergency room one evening, just as an educational exercise. Observe the patients who come in for treatment, and you will discover an excellent illustration of this point. Consider that about 20% are actually sick - discount them.

Focus your attention on the remaining 80% who are there because they were inattentive to their environment. These will be people who walked off loading docks, or stepped off ladders twenty feet up, or backed into running machinery, or stepped into the path of a vehicle, OR allowed a thug to walk right up to them, un-noticed, and bean them with a brick. You can be careless, inattentive and oblivious day in and day out and get away with it until one day, when the odds catch up with you and then you get hurt!

If being oblivious to our physical surroundings can cause this level of risk, imagine what impact your lack of mental focus is having on your ability to create a life of excellence.

As human beings, we have been born with a truly valuable gift - the gift of choice! Many people give this power away in the stories they tell themselves about why they don't deserve success or are not good enough to have it. Understand that the only thing preventing you from achieving your dreams is the story that you tell yourself about why you can't have them.

Consider for a moment, what is it that's holding you back right now from realizing your absolute potential? Secondly, commit, right now, to begin taking action every day, this very minute, to achieve your dreams - your goals. Source out the resources you need to make it happen and then........go get it!

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