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How Aspiring Models Can Improve Professional Skills With Some Practice

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 163

Modeling is considered to be an "art" by some; a "business" by do you combine them both?

Experience in modeling has its own "on-the-job-training", but having some prior information can really help. Can you learn how to be a great model from an instruction manual? Theoretically, can you drive a car just by reading the driver's manual? (Please say no...) There are ways of combining artistic expression with fashion & commercial advertising, but it takes practice. It takes effort to show garments, products, & services at their best, as well as keeping the presentation skills of the model still "looking" professional and effortless in-person, in-print, or on the runway.

In basic terms, you can learn about modeling from many different resources, but then you have to actually practice what you need to do in order to develop your own professional modeling skills. Modeling comes like second nature to certain types of people, but there is information that most new models aren't aware of that can hinder their opportunities at success such as improper posing, unprofessional actions, inappropriate interview techniques, wrong geographical locations, wrong height, wrong weight, wrong size, tardiness or absence from bookings, bad runway walk, etc...just to name a few.

There are many people on the team who play a big role in whether a model gets the job, but ultimately it is the model who bears the responsibility in how they conduct their personality and show their modeling skills. Many will assist the new model with what basic skills are needed, but no matter what age, the model needs to accept responsibility that this is their career and they need to be the best that they can be at whatever booking comes their way (no matter if they happy, sad, sick, in pain, shy, don't like the specific booking, etc...) Even with every effort, you may still feel discouraged or angry that you may not be getting the bookings, but you still must show a great attitude even if it tests your personality. If you can't do that most of the time when necessary, there may be negative consequences.

When choosing a career in modeling there are many factors about yourself that you may need to adjust. (There may be factors about yourself that you just can't change.) There are probably factors about yourself you may not even be aware of (yet...) that people will bring to your attention. A model is in the public eye, so they expose themselves to scrutiny...often harsh comments and opinions from individuals who think that they are entitled to be rude "just because they can". Even the most beautiful people who start the career as a model are vulnerable and can suffer from a lack of self-esteem. Models often don't fully understand the concept of "The Right LOOK" not being equal to being "prettiest". Professionally, it's usually not a beauty contest, but personally the models start to doubt their self-worth and get discouraged by how un-easy, un-glamorous, and under-respected they feel.

It's important to learn the business of the industry's expectations of a model. No one is perfect, but they need you to be perfect for matter what. Models need to put their egos aside and take critique from those that can help them and learn how to deal with any negative feedback in a professional manner. No matter what type of modeling a person attempts...there are standards, so learn the requirements of each type and see if you are a candidate.

Don't ever forget that there are TONS of models out there competing for the same jobs, too, so increase your knowledge and modeling skills...& be a professional (and still charming) "package" that everyone loves to work with! If it's too much with someone you trust to see if they can give you a better perspective that may help you understand modeling on the business level to keep it less personal.

A.K.A. Models is a new online industry trade blog for models, photographers, designers, stylists, agencies, MUA's, and anyone that seeks to research or contribute to the modeling industry.

Carol-Anne Blackwell is currently a Scout and Consultant featuring FREE on-line tips, information, and professional links for individuals that are interested in having a career in the modeling industry.

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