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Design the Best Year of Your Life

January 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 156

Picture yourself at a New Year's party, on the last day of 2012. You are preparing to head into 2013, and are raising a glass to toast the last hours of 2012. Because it was the best year you've ever experienced you have plenty to celebrate.

Now imagine that over the next 12 months you will accomplish everything you set out to do. You'll reach all of your financial and business milestones. You'll hit those health and wellness benchmarks - as well as your goals related to family, friends, and other significant people and relationships. Everything you want to learn and all those educational and leadership development skills will happen, just as you planned for them to.

There are no limitations to imagination, and if you exercise yours with passion, creativity, intention, and a positive attitude there is really no stopping you. So why not put the magnetic universal law of attraction to work for you this year, to draw toward you all those wonderful things that you want in your life? You cannot hope to attain a new goal unless you can first see it within your mind's eye, so start visualizing the life you want to design for 2012. Just by envisioning it you will start to feel some forward momentum moving you in the right direction.

To get started setting my yearly goals and stretching my positive imagination I like to use the "Wheel of Life." It is a fun and easy way to plot where you are in each zone of the wheel of your constantly turning life. The different categories on the wheel are:


Assign values or scores to each of those zones, using a scale of 1-10, with 10 being absolutely fantastic, 5 being rather mediocre, and 1 and 2 being "Yikes! I just got a flat tire in my Wheel of Life!" or "Help! I just got run over by the Wheel of Life!"

Next, connect the endpoints to see just how balanced (or imbalanced) your life is right now. Then map out the focus and trajectory of your goals, trying to align them with the strengths and weaknesses you observe on your Wheel of Life. That helps to ensure that reaching your new goals will ultimately make you a well-rounded high achiever in 2012 with a beautiful wheel that will have lots of 9's and 10's on it by this time next year!

Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIP, CPBS is an internationally distinguished executive coach, corporate consultant, professional speaker, and the founding CEO of her own company, Illustra Consulting. A career acceleration and leadership presence expert, Hathorn created the innovative Predictable Promotion System, a 10-step proprietary process. Get your FREE CD - "5 Steps to a Fast, Predictable Promotion" at

Website & Blog: Phone 800-267-3245 Email: Copyright © 2006 - 2012, Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIP, CPBSThis article may be reproduced only in its entirety, including the above bio.

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