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Card Table Cover Selection Critia

October 24, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 153

There are a number of card table cover choices available. Appearance is only one of several factors which should be considered in your selection.

Card table covers are made from several different fabrics-cotton, linen, quilted, plastic, vinyl and flocked (felt and suede-like) fabrics are the most common fabrics used. While each fabric has its supporters, most card players prefer the flocked fabrics because of their card holding qualities. The suede-like fabric provides a look of elegance, especially if the edges are finished with a complementary ribbon trim.

Once the fabric has been chosen, then sizing becomes the next question which must be addressed. If the table is to be used for playing bridge, poker or another card game with players seated around the table, then a drop of 4" to 8" all the way around is most desirable. A shorter drop may not allow the cover to fall as it should and a longer drop may place part of the cover in the players laps. With the variety of table sizes used today, you must do some simple measurements to determine the best size for your table.

To determine the desired size for your card table, measure the width of the table. Determine the drop you desire (most people consider 6" drop to be ideal for a table used for card playing). Multiply the drop you desire by 2, and add the result to the table width-this is the desired cover width. For example, your table is 32" wide and you want a 6" drop--32" + (2 X 6") = 44". A 44" square card table cover is the perfect size. If your calculation is in between the sizes offered by your preferred store, then you must make a decision as to the size that looks best. Generally, a longer drop will provide a more attractive appearance than a short drop. Also, some on-line stores, may offer an option for custom size card table covers.

Color of the cover is another factor to be considered. A good supplier of card table covers should provide several color choices as well as sizes. Color choice will depend on the room as well as the atmosphere or "mood" you are attempting to create.

Another important factor to consider is whether the card table cover is machine washable and can be machine dried. Be sure to make this inquiry rather than risk discovering that the cover cannot be machine washed.

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