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Is Cancer A Life Sentence?

March 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 147

"Cancer is a life sentence!

I keep hearing this sentence; it seems to be everywhere I turn. Coming from a variety of sources, Organisations, Individuals, Medical Professionals, many people seem to be saying this and I want to know, why? What do they mean?

Are they saying you can never beat it? Are they saying you have "15 years tops" as in a criminal life sentence? WHAT exactly is it that we are to infer from this statement?

Are we supposed to simply accept it and give up because we are forever doomed to have cancer? Seriously, I WANT TO KNOW because...

I don't believe it!

In fact I wholeheartedly and completely DISAGREE with this way of thinking and if you hang around my cancer blog, you will know this.

For me Cancer is a disease, like many others. It comes into your life; you deal with it and you MOVE ON!

Now I am not referring to the really sick terminal people here (although even in this group, cancer has been known to just disappear), but to the ever growing number of people whose cancer is found early.

Why would any of these people want to believe Cancer has some sort of magical power and is to be with them forever? No wonder surviving it is such an issue.

I know and understand that people die and some never do recover from it once its gets them but thinking your days are numbered from the outset, helps no one! The only thing achieved with this kind of thinking is to ENSURE it happens and that is exactly where 'they' (being the drug companies) want you.

'They' want you to believe this ridiculous assumption so 'they' can keep you afraid and sell you drugs for the rest of your life. It's as simple as that! 'They' want you convinced that you will DIE without them and their drugs.

Cancer is a despicable business like NO other!

It is fueled by BIG Drug Companies, who want to keep their BIG money; backed by a Medical System that needs this BIG money sponsorship to keep their University's going & sadly to say, partly funded by you and I, via Various Cancer Societies.

Their intent is to keep you SICK at any cost and them RICH!

So we see these infuriating and obscene sentences, marketing used to hoodwink us into believing there is no way out, once the BIG C hits... and its just SO wrong it makes me want to scream!

'They' know stress is a big player in the Cancer world (and many other auto immune diseases) so 'they' play on this. 'They' up the level of stress at every opportunity, knowing this adds fuel to the fire.

As humans we are pre programmed to see and hear danger & negative things first. Its our default stance, we can't help it, it's a genetic left over from our earlier days when 'Fight or Flight instincts kept us alive. Then most stress came in short sharp bursts, see scary animal, run and hide, that was it. However, that's not the case any more, stress is persistent now and we are not designed for long-term stress; this is 'their' Ace in the hand.

Long term stress, impedes our immune systems, breaking it down day after stressful day until it can no longer deal with the over load... and a tiny little atypical cell that normally would be dealt with by our immune system, passes Go, gets a Get Out Of Jail Free pass and begins to divide... and 'they' have you.

Or Do They?

More and more people are realising that we have to take back our power, to have a contributing role in our health and treatments, to develop an attitude of 'I can' rather than 'they' can.

We have to accept our role in all of this and do what is needed to reverse the stress in our lives, we need to strengthen our immune systems so that cancer will no longer thieve. We need to educate ourselves about the world around us, the poisons in our homes, our water and food. We need to develop a way of being in this world that does not stress us and we need to do it NOW!

I truly believe Surviving Cancer is not just about being positive (that's way too easy) but about an Attitude to life that say's "LETS DANCE!"

Hi my name is Lin Elliott, I am an 11 yr cancer survivor and Life Coach. I help to empower people in their walk away from cancer, providing the support, hope and guidance needed at a time when there is none. Working closely with my clients, we find ways to cope with issues and rebuild lives worth living. Lives free of the baggage, with exciting futures once more on the horizon. For more information:-


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