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Camper Trailers Parts Evident In Car Options

April 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 181

There are several ways to have fun outdoors and one of which is going for a camping trailer trip. You and your family can stay in a particular place you, camp out there and have fun with the comfort similar of an actual home. You can enjoy hanging out with your loved ones, go fishing or nature exploration and yet go back to a camper trailer that offers you adequate rest and relaxation in the form of a semi-home.

Your camper trailer is an amazing recreational vehicle and its parts are pretty predictable. Getting familiar with the camper trailer parts can be done much easier since it is a smaller unit compared to travel trailers. Here are camper trailer parts that you can expect to see.

• Foreground Parts

In the front area of the camper trailer, you will see a tiny electric winch that can aid you in getting the equipment into the said recreational vehicle. You will also see a pintle or ball hitch, safety chains and coupler assembly that fasten the trailer to your car or truck. Meanwhile, there are also stabilizer bars that maintain the vehicle as level as possible when you encounter whacks in the road or go around the curves. Lastly, there are also brake system and wiring for lights which are visible running through the front.

• Wheel Clusters

They are responsible for securing the wheels that are directly in contact with the road. Nearly all campers bring two or four tires on one axle. The wheel cluster compromises the wheel bearings, rims, springs, equalizer bars, hubs and on certain models hydraulic or electric brakes that can be maneuvered from the driver's seat. On the other hand, the wheels can either be shielded by steel or aluminum fenders.

• Camper bed

It might be a simple aluminum or steel frame such as used in boat trailers. Meanwhile, it can have corrugated metal or steel sheets, wood plank solid floor having tie-down straps for the use of securing a cargo in proper location. At the rear portion, you can locate a fold-down ramp together with clearance and tail lights. There are those that have reflectors for them more perceptible in the dark or on rainy days.

• Extra equipment

These are handy discretionary equipment like locking devices, equipment racks, spare tire carriers, mirrors, fold-down steps and grab handles among others. Huge trailers bring equipment such as doors, ventilators and locks on rear panels or side panels. Moreover, there are on-board cruising lights and heavier suspension equipment as well.

• Spare Parts and Accessories

For the maintenance of the good condition of the said vehicle, ascertain to bring accessories and a kit of spare camper trailer parts. Among which to bring include lube oil and trailer grease to keep the moving parts lubed and functioning efficiently, set of spare safety chains, a spare hitch, and trailer jacks which are essential for changing tires or working on the suspension. Meanwhile for securing the loads, you must always have cargo nets, tie-downs and load binders all of which aid to prevent the loaded items from banging and budging.

I am based in Southport QLD Australia and have a passion in camping using camper trailers and its camper trailer parts. I am an adventurer and and a very passionate traveler.

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