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Colour Schemes for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

February 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 174

Kitchen cabinet doors come in a wide range of materials and styles that instantly change the look and feel of a room. While cabinets are generally installed as functional items for storing away food and dishes, they have also become fashionably pieces that can either stand out as the focal point of a room or stay perfectly hidden away until they are needed.

The biggest thing that most people worry about when wanting to change the look of a room is the colour of the walls, window treatments and even the floors but changing the colour scheme of the kitchen cabinet doors can sometimes have a more dramatic change in a kitchen.

Learn about some of the colour or shade options that are available for kitchen cabinet doors and how they will change the overall feel of a room. It's generally recommended to have wooden cabinet doors since they are the easiest to customize in terms of colour and style.


Black is a sleek modern shade that many contemporary kitchens have as a standard style. Although it's very dark for cabinet doors, it has a very striking appeal when placed on light coloured walls and even with stainless steel fixtures.


Just like the black cabinet doors, white ones will also have a striking appeal when placed on darker walls. For anyone who may like a modern yet more sterile look for a kitchen, white combined with stainless steel will certainly do the trick.

If too much black or too much white seems unappealing, perhaps combining the two will create more harmony? Alternating shades on the kitchen cabinet doors will not only have a unique look but it will also break up the space nicely. Add dabs of vibrant reds, blues, yellows or greens for a fresh fun look.


For kitchen cabinets that blend into a room seamlessly and don't stand out among the décor, monochromatic colour schemes are the best way to go. Whether it's all natural styles or one particular colour throughout the room, simply choosing different shades for the cabinets will help tie them into the room perfectly. For example, choosing a slightly darker or lighter shade compared to the wall will work well.


For a bright and bold kitchen that really stands out, choosing complementary colours is the best way to go in terms of décor. Complementary colours are those that are perfectly matched to one another on the colour wheel. Generally combining warm tones with cool ones, choosing darker cool colours for the wall and lighter warm colours for the cabinet doors will make the cabinets stand out the most. To blend the cabinets more and have the walls pop, switch these two colour options, so the walls are a lighter tone.

Play around with the various options for cabinets and kitchens in general because there are so many ways to set up a room to make it unique and a reflection of a person's personality. Once the base colours are chosen, there are even more options available in accessories, either functional or simply decorative. Depending on the size of a particular kitchen and whether it's open concept or not, it's important to consider the lighting levels once a particular colour is up. Dark colours absorb while light colours reflect, so pay close attention to such details to finish off with the perfect kitchen.

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