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Rising Demands of Personal Concierge Services in London

December 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 478

The United Kingdom, most particularly in London, experienced a significant boom on the demand for concierge services. Personal concierge service is already a thriving business, yet a growing industry in the region. The recent massive growth is attributed to the influx of wealthy immigrants to the UK, all demanding the best concierge services UK can deliver.

Concierge UK is shifting to the more personal services demanded by its clients. Cash-rich and time-poor businessmen, celebrities, career people and even young mothers need personal services to help them out in the daily course of their lives. With the quality service characterised with the delicate balance between dignified servitude and professional dedication that concierge London agencies offer, the industry is still looking at a growing trend for the next few years.

Affluent Greek, Russian, French and even Asian families prefer to take advantage of its superior living conditions, prolific business hubs, educational institutions and other urban amenities. These people will also need concierge services to ease their daily toil. Here are some of the basic personal concierge services UK firms can offer;

1. Personal Assistance – Corporate secretaries have stopped being personal assistants a decade ago. Personal assistance needs like special occasion reminders and gift purchases, restaurant and concert reservations and post office errands are handled by concierge services.

2. Companion – Elderly who wants to stay out of their children’s way prefer the service of a personal concierge to keep them company. The concierge might also include home management services like ordering flowers, grocery shopping, managing cleaners and pet sitting. A concierge UK companion is also in demand for immigrants who need somebody to guide and assist them as they tour London and the suburbs.

3. Personal Trainer – This service is common for people who are into weight management or those who are recuperating from illness or accidents. A personal trainer can assist in the exercise routines, personal trainings and physical therapy sessions. These assistants can also provide massage and spa services.

4. Event Planner – People will definitely need help when planning events like parties, weddings, anniversaries and even simple birthday parties. Assistants will know event vendors to contact, suggest themes and event venues and would generally organise everything.

5. Travel Assistant – Do you want to travel, but is intimidated with the processes and the risks of the unknown? A travel companion can do the leg work securing your travel papers, reservations and schedules. They are also well travelled and experienced, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost and misunderstood during the course of your travel.

6. Emergency Assistance – Did the housekeeper failed to show up? Is somebody sick in the family? Are you relocating? In these occasions, you will surely need a helping hand to ease the tension and stress due to the additional toil put on by the incident. Personal concierge in London can help you through these trying times.


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