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Introduction to Car Trailers

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 191

They can be defined as carts or carriages that are used for the transportation of heavy luggage or material and can be easily towed by an automobile for example a truck or a tractor.

The term travel trailer or mobile home is used interchangeably in the United States.

The concept of transportation via cart is very old and therefore their design is originated back to that of a horse-drawn carriage which was in use some 70 to 80 years ago.

As they can be used for official as well as personal purposes therefore they offer different functionality and come in various designs and sizes.

Some of the most commonly used trailer types are given below:

• Travel trailers

They are mostly used for traveling purposes either official or personal.

• Semi-trailers

They are used for purposes relating to company/ business as well as for personal entertainment. In comparison to the type stated above, they are more spacious and bigger in size.

• Close-coupled trailers

As they are closed, they are used to transport expensive heavy machinery to provide safety from bad weather conditions and dangerous situations like robbery.

• Motorcycle trailers

They are used for hauling motorbikes and bicycles mostly.

• Livestock trailers

They are used for hauling cattle for example cows, sheep, goats etc. They have a special ventilation system, which allows animals to breathe easily.

• Car trailers

They are specifically designed for hauling cars of different categories like race cars, sports cars, ordinary cars, etc.

• Dump trailers

They are mostly used for carrying waste and dump material.

The size ranges according to the type and the functionality of the trailers. Commonly found size in US is a trailer having 1 to 6 axles, 3 ft 6 height and 53 ft 0 lengths.

In addition to business purposes, they are also used for camping.

A lot of companies provide different price range for car trailers. The option of renting or buying is also available. These companies also provide design on demand for the customers and are available either offline or online. The online option is the most feasible of all the options as the client can easily choose and order a particular trailer for either a commercial or personal use with the help of a single mouse click. But when selecting a particular company always make sure that the companies are well reputed, because there are a lot of spamming companies available online that just grab and run away with the money.

So order a trailer based on three basic specifications i-e size, design and functionality from a well reputed company. Make sure to choose the best design and size to get the functionality which can suit one's requirements perfectly, because an over sized trailer can slow down the journey where as an under sized trailer would not be able to fit the entire required luggage.

The Article is written by an experienced writer who has explored Car Trailers For Sale for many businesses and wishes to make an impression in the market to boost their business. In this article, the writer has discussed the benefits of using Car Trailers For Sale as well as the option of renting them.

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