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Recommendations to Business Owners About Installing Security Camera Systems

April 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 185

Especially with the economy suffering, Security Camera Systems are very becoming even more important for business. These tips will be helpful in choosing the best security camera system for your business.

The first thing to consider is the lighting situation of your business. Does your workplace have light all the time, or none at all. How about a little bit of light such as a bar or after business hours. This will help you determine if you need an Infrared Night Vision Camera or a basic CCTV Camera. Where there is dull, poor, or no light, Infrared Security Cameras are a top choice.

Are you running the cable yourself or with a friend? Is your business pre-wired and ready to connect? How far is the distance of each camera from the DVR. Basically you have two cable options - Ethernet Cable (Cat5) or RG-59 Siamese Coax Cables. They are both very effective. Ethernet Cables allow you to run the cable a bit further, however, most people use Siamese Coax Cable which enables you to run your wire up to 700 feet per camera, which is more than appropriate for a variety of businesses.

The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is perhaps the most important part of your security camera system. The DVR is the "backbone" of the system. The DVR is what enables you to record, review, and view over the internet. The newest DVRs offer high definition HDMI. H.264 is the new technology enabling better resolution, frames per second, and superior Internet and Cell Phone Viewing. In addition, it stores your surveillance video, so you need to keep it very safe and secure. Be sure to get a good frame per second DVR, meaning the amount of "images" every second. Thirty frames per second is TV quality. The more the frames per second the better.

There are two types of cameras - moving and non-moving. The cameras that you can move around are called Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras (PTZ). PTZ cameras can be used up, down, left, right, and it also can zoom in on a subject or area. You can even control them on the Internet and Cell Phone. Some PTZ cameras have what is referred to as "auto-tracking", meaning it can follow cars, people, or objects. The one drawback is price. They are up to 10 times more expensive than the basic cameras.

Following the tips above, you will be able to choose the best security camera system for your needs.

For more information, feel free to check out the blog at

Best of luck with your security camera system!

Gregg Barone has been in the CCTV Security Camera industry for 10 years. He has been publishing information and resource guides for customer use. Gregg invites you to visit for valuable information regarding security camera systems. Your questions and comments are greatly appreciated.

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