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Designing New Homes

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 169

Some people don't have difficulty finding their dream homes, but there are also people who aren't satisfied with the pre-made new homes on the market. Designing your own dream home is the best way to make sure your home builders give you exactly what you want. If you have no idea how to start designing your own house, here are a few tips.

Visualize Your Ideas

While there are many computer programs enabling you to create 3D models of your home, all you need to start designing your dream home is a pencil and a piece of paper. Even if you don't have drawing skills, doodling, and sketching your desired room layout or furniture styles help you figure out the overall look of your dream home. Showing these sketches to the home builders will give them a clearer idea of what you want for your home.

Keeping a scrapbook of magazine clippings or printed photos of homes and furniture pieces you like is also a good idea.

Set a List of Priorities

As you visualize your ideas, you should also make a list of important features you want to include in your home. You might want your home builders to install many luxuries in your dream home, but you can't always have all of them at the same time. Consider your budget carefully, and narrow down the features you really need and want to have in your home. For example, you might want to have an expensive crystal chandelier in your living room, but need a larger refrigerator to accommodate your family's meals. Always choose what your family actually needs over your wants.

Room Function and Flow

One thing people forget when designing their new homes is the importance of function and flow. Consider what your family uses your different rooms for, and which ones would be better located next to one another. Can you imagine what would happen if you have your bedroom right next to the entertainment room? Without a soundproof wall, you would probably have trouble relaxing because of the noise.

When you think about flow, you should think about how your family moves around your dream home, and how you can optimize your floor plans to accommodate those activities. If your family likes to do a lot of stuff in the kitchen and dining room during meals, having an open floor plan may be a better idea than dividing the two rooms with a wall.

Don't Forget the Importance of Lighting

Lighting is important in your new home's design, especially if you live in a state with four seasons. Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD) is common in these states. This disorder causes lethargy, depression, and social withdrawal. One of the best ways to protect your family from this is to increase the amount of natural light in your rooms. You can do this by having larger windows or adding skylights to your home design.

While on the topic of lighting, you may want to consider how much natural light enters specific rooms in your home. For example, if you want the morning sun coming through your bedroom as you wake up each day, make sure your bedroom windows are facing east.

Adelie Bailey wants to build a new home, and is looking for home builders who can do custom designs.

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