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Tourist Attractions and Ways to Send Money to Japan

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 134

Despite Japan being hit by the devastating March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, it remained strong and bounced back on top of the economic game in just a short while. Part of this instance is credited to the presence of tourist attractions in the country. They never fail to seduce foreigners to set their feet in these majestic wonders and historic spots.

One of the top tourist destinations in Japan is the Ginza District. If you are dreaming of an upscale nightlife and wonderful shopping opportunities, it is one of the most exclusive, must-visit districts in Tokyo. The district is a popular destination of the rich and famous due to the presence of designer boutiques, fine-dining restaurants, elegant cafes, and the largest Asian fish market.

Another place worthy of your time is the Roponggi District. It is considered the cultural heart of Japan, due to the presence of numerous art museums such as the Mori Art Museum, Suntory Museum of Art, and the National Art Center. These spots are great places to fulfill your eyes with creative works. After that, you can indulge in a gastronomic feast in some of the district's well-known restaurants.

If you are looking for specific places to visit, then you can marvel on the Tokyo Tower and see how much it resembles Paris' Eiffel Tower. Have a sneak-peek of imperial living at the Imperial Palace, even if you can only get a glimpse of the public areas. Other places worthy of your visit are the Nagoya Port, Yokohama Chinatown, Amerikamura in Osaka, and the Hiroshima Memorial Palace.

With all of its great tourist destinations, it is not amazing why many individuals are getting their passports just to visit the Land of the Rising Sun. Apart from these destinations, many tourists are also anticipating to see the cherry blossoms and the studios where the famous mangas and anime are created.

The influx of tourists has encouraged different ways to send money to Japan. With the passing of days, the methods are getting easier. Dating back to the times when man realized the need to send money, postal and courier services have been the main options to do it. Then, with the establishment of banks, money transfer became more bank-to-bank. Soon, there were money remittance firms throughout Japan that facilitate third-party cash pick-ups.

With the convenience of modern technology, Japanese citizens and other individuals offer a new way to send money to Japan. One such method is to send money online using reloadable debit cards. This is a much-awaited answer for a cheap method of money transfer. Compared to other methods, the fee to send money through reloadable debit cards is very reasonable. A sender can transfer money amounting to $1000 and be charged of just $5. This is very pocket-friendly.

The use of reloadable debit cards is revolutionizing the way to send money to Japan. The convenience to send money online through this method is among the leading benefits that continue to attract individuals to these cards. Twenty-four hour convenience of reloading funds is permissible as long as the user has internet access. Withdrawing the funds is possible at any time for the recipient due to the presence of numerous ATM facilities throughout Japan.

If your loved one is enjoying roaming Japan due to its attractive tourist destinations, support his or her travel and send money to Japan to his or her reloadable debit card.

To learn more about prepaid debit cards, or how to send money to Japan check out ATMCash.

Ernesto enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and is an expert in international money transfer.

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