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Symptom - Painful Lump in the Breast

March 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 158

What to do?

One of the scariest things that can happen to a woman. Normally one will call their regular doctor, a mammogram will be ordered, if there is any suspicion of malignancy then a fine needle biopsy will be performed...then many decisions will have to be a made.

But some people handle it differently...they first go to their nutritionist/alternative practitioner and begin a regime of supplementation for breast health and blood tests for cancer markers, most likely 19-9 and 27.29 and perhaps CA125. They should then be referred to someone who can perform a thermo-graphic image of the area and go over it with the specialist...likely it will show increased heat in the area and maybe in adjacent lymph nodes and a visit to the oncologist is recommended.

Often this type of patient will refuse the oncologist's mammogram due to concerns over mutating already possibly mutated cells with x-rays and they will refuse the fine needle biopsy for fear that when these needles are retracted that the cells from the inside of the lump will be spread to the systemic circulation upon withdrawal from the body, as it passes through many layers of tissues, all with broken blood vessels, from the insertion of the needle, ready to spread any possible malignant cells. The oncologist will ask to see the blood tests and especially the cancer markers that the nutritionist/alternative practitioner already received. If the oncologist is sympathetic, he or she will recommend an ultrasound image.

Often the needle biopsy is recommended in order to find out if the lump/tumor is benign or malignant. After all, Mrs. Jones needs to know if there is a need for surgical removal. If it's benign then it can be left in place and monitored for growth, but if it's malignant it must be removed, radiated or the use of chemotherapy would be induced. But if it is malignant then a biopsy may spread the ailment to the entire body.

A June 2004 report from the John Wayne Cancer Institute in California has rekindled a long-standing debate over whether or not needle biopsies are safe. The paper set out to examine whether this technique, widely used to obtain specimens in cases of suspected cancer, might itself allow malignant cells to spread from an isolated tumor to nearby lymph nodes. The authors reluctantly conclude that a needle biopsy may indeed increase the spread of the disease by 50 percent compared to patients who receive the more traditional excisional biopsies (or "lumpectomies").

The fact that the tumor we are talking about here is painful is not a good sign. Also, malignant tumors tend to not move around as much upon palpation (breast exam). If the ultrasound, thermography and physical exam all pointed toward malignancy, I would have it removed without a biopsy...just be sure the surgeon does NOT puncture or cut into the capsule that surrounds the growth upon removal. If it looks like a 50/50 scenario and the patient has already made serious nutritional changes and is taking supplementation and the cancer blood markers are not too high, I would wait and see if the body could heal itself and read Diane Summers' book! It does happen that people do cure themselves.

Now let's talk really wholistically (yes, 'wholistic' spelled with a 'w'!)...cancer does not form is the result of many suppressions of ailments and improper treatment of colds and flus in the past. If the body is not allowed to detox through colds and flu, and get fevers to perform its immunological action, then the body never gets a chance to clean house. Eventually other ailments show up such as urinary tract conditions (notice I did not say 'infections') and depression, endometriosis, thyroid issues etc. If all of these ailments are treated with suppressive pharmaceutical medicines then the person becomes a walking suppressed disease factory! They need to be unsuppressed, they need cold and flu symptoms, they need old ailments to resurface, to come up from the deep suppressed place where they were forced to submerge to long ago. They need to clean house. If this house cleaning never happens a person usually gets chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and then cancer. It is a natural progression.

By the time a person is forming cancerous tumors the body has already been through a lot and a something needs to be done to reverse the process. As a doctor of chiropractic, practicing a lot of nutritional medicine by lab analysis, I will do a complete blood test of some 52 elements for a patient with a lump in the breast. I will also do a hair analysis of 30 elements...all the heavy metals and blood minerals and well as naturally occurring metals in the body. This is combined with a urine analysis, cancer markers and maybe a stool sample analysis as well. The entire mass of information is compared to the test results of thousands of other people who have taken the nutritional medical route instead of the pharmaceutical route and a nutrient prescription for cure is made. This is performing wholistic medicine in a truly wholistic way.

So many have come to believe that nutrition is good but you need pharmaceuticals for really serious conditions. This is true if you are about to die and for this pharmacy is most appreciated. But for now, and probably never, will we have a cure for cancer. This is for the same reason that we will never have a cure for the common cold! Neither are really diseases...the cold is a cleansing process and the cancerous tumor is the bodies attempt to take retarded cells and keep them all in the same place. It's not a disease, it's a process of accommodating a system that is beginning to fail in how it replicates new cells...too many new ones are being formed without knowledge of what specialty they should perform...all cells need to know what their specific role is.

If you are worried terribly about a painful lump in the breast, act fast, but don't make decisions out of fear, make the decision out of knowledge about cancer, diagnostic safety issues and protocols that lead to cure.

Dr. Thomas has 33 years of experience treating chronic conditions.

Treating chronic disease is a complicated and tedious work. Most physicians can only spend a few minutes with each patient as their clinic owners and hospital management force them to keep on the move. Dr. Thomas spends half an hour just explaining what tests will be done...then he spends an hour going over the test results with you and discussing nutrient cures. He also requests that you check in with him once a month for at least a half hour to go over your symptoms and to discuss your nutrients.

33 years experience has taught Dr. Thomas the value of quality care, personal patient/doctor interaction and just what is required to obtain lasting results.

Refer to my website for more information on this topic and to watch videos from the television show I do on Nutritional Medicines by Lab Analysis.

Painful Lump in Breast

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