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Cancer Causes and Prevention

April 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 208

Cancer is a very common affliction these days and kills millions every year across the globe. Depending on where the cancer appears, it may be simple to cure or even difficult to even treat, more or less eliminate. People often wonder out loud if there will every be a cure to cancer, but the problem we face is that there are many different types, but we do know what causes it and there are ways to at least reduce your chances of getting it.

There are really only two ways that cancer can exist. The first is through genetic mutation. Somehow or another from various possible sources, the DNA in a cell is damaged. This happens all the time, but where the damage takes place is the important thing. If it damages its ability to produce something, big deal. Just one less cell to do so. However, if it affects the cell's DNA which tells it to grow, it may start doing so with no limit. This is really what cancer is. These cells choke off others and consume large amount of resources, eventually killing the host.

Some people however seem to be born with a flaw in their DNA that makes some certain cancer almost inevitable. This is unfortunate as taking precautions may be almost pointless. Nonetheless, a cell starts dividing out of control and before long there are tons of these guys going haywire. The body normally fixes damage to DNA or kills rogue cells, but if one or more is able to escape certain destruction, it can start dividing such that the body cannot catch up.

Of course there are things that can be done to reduce your chances of cancer regardless of your genetic predisposition to it. Since your body is supposed to fix damage or kill messed up cells, even genetically disturbed cells produced naturally can theoretically be avoided. Of course there are a number of things that you should not do such as smoking, alcohol, and exposure to radiation. You should never tan and wear sunscreen while in the sun. Also avoiding harmful chemicals and fumes can be good as well. There are also things you should do such as eating a balanced diet high in fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, and getting plenty of exercise.

When I was young I was stricken with an oligodendroglioma, a very uncommon cancer that probably could not have been avoided based on the age in which I got it. But fifteen years later I got another unrelated tumor from the radiation therapy I had from the first. I can tell you from experience that knowing the potential causes of cancer and how to reduce your chances is very good information to have, and would have been helpful to me to possibly avoid my second tumor altogether.

Paul C., oligodendroglioma survivor

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