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Brain Cancer Survival Rate - Know Your Chances

May 23, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 142

Known to be one of the most incurable types of cancer, brain cancer survival rate may not be something a patient would really want to hear. Different medical sources would tell you different results based on different aspects to consider but one thing remains true until today - brain cancer survival rate for most patients suffering from the disease is pretty low.

The average life duration of patients with this type of cancer is about 1-2 years following confirmed diagnosis. The main reasons attributing to this very low survival percentage are the nature of the disease and the lack of known treatment. This type of cancer affects the most vital part of a human body - the nervous system. Cancer cells in the brain rapidly proliferates at a speed that is dangerously faster than the proliferation speed of other cancers, therefore, the cancer can easily infect the entire nervous system within a short duration of time.

In a time period of five years, 1 out of 5 people suffering from brain cancer worldwide remains alive. This means that regardless of stage, those who suffer from this type of cancer have a general survival percentage of 20%.

In the United States, cancer of the brain is more prevalent among Caucasians and in comparison to their African American counterparts (with a rate of survival of 38%), Caucasian men and women have lower chances of surviving up to five years at 32-33%.

Expect the cancer to be already dangerous at the early stages. Even with adequate treatment like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, Brain Cancer Survival Rate at the first stages is at 55-60%. For a cancer patient, this may be a bit gloomy because it is. But bear in mind these rates are only there for its statistical and medical purposes but this must not be a basis to predict the accuracy of a patient's life duration.

As the cancer further proceeds to its later stages, chances of survival may be significantly decrease and when the cancer starts eating up other organs in the body, hope may no longer be enough to keep the patient for long. The Brain Cancer Survival Rate may also be based on the age of a person. Children with this type of cancer have the highest rate of survival at 73%. This percentage will then move down to 50% for patients who are within 15-33 years old. And then as the age grows, the chances of survival also lower down. The main cause of this is the elder people's inability to fight off the cancer or survive the strenuous treatment regimen.

The Brain Cancer Survival Rate may vary greatly on several factors. Know more about the different types of cancers and their survival rates at Cancer Survival Rates.

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Brain Cancer Survival Rate

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