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Four Essential Parts of a Great Boxing Workout Routine

January 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 175

Boxing workout routine is one of the best ways to build a total body exercise program. The reason that these plans are so efficient in providing complete fitness is it includes both cardio activity and strength training and is geared towards many different muscle groups. When designing boxing workout routines, it is important to understand the four major building blocks of every plan including endurance, strength, skills and speed.

Building Endurance

In order for a boxer to survive in the ring for four, six, ten or twelve rounds, they must build an enormous amount of endurance. Due to this fact, it is vital that boxing workout routine include plenty activities that are specifically used to build endurance. These include many different types of cardio activities, such as running, sprinting, cycling and jump roping. This type of exercise should be included in your fitness plan in at least 20-minute intervals, four times a week. If you cannot complete 20 minutes at first, start with 5 minutes and add an additional 5 minutes on each week until your reach 20 or 30 minutes.

Strength Training

Of course an important aspect of boxing is having the strength and power to beat your opponent. This makes strength training another vital feature of boxing workout routines. This includes weight training and can be done at the gym or your home if you have the right equipment. You should begin with a weight level that is right for you and increase the amount on a weekly basis or as you are able. You should design a complete weight lifting program that includes presses, pull-ups and crunches. Strength training should be done at least two times per week and should be not be done two days in a row to give your muscles time to rest.

Skill Development

No boxer can become great if they have not developed good boxing techniques. You have probably heard it said many time that you cannot learn anything without a lot of practice and boxing is not different. You must make skill development part of your boxing workout routine. This will not only build skills but it will work to tone various part of the body, such as the arms, legs and abdomen. These types of activities include work on the heavy bag, where you can easily practice different jabs, punches, kicks and stances.

Improve Speed and Reaction Time

Another aspect of a complete boxing workout routine is to improve not just speed but your reaction time as well. This will help boxers to quickly react to different situation within the boxing ring, which can prevent them from being caught off guard by their opponent. This important part of the workout should include exercises such as shadow boxing and sparring. During this portion of your workout, you do not want to hold back, but give it all you have. Sparring with other opponent provides you with the unique opportunity to react to different people boxing styles. It is recommended that you always leave at least one day in between your sparring workouts.

By putting these four essential parts in your workout plan, you will create a comprehensive program that will build your overall physical fitness. Be sure to create a well-balance workout plan and schedule your workouts because that is more likely to encourage you to stick to your workout plan. Whether you are looking to become a boxer or you just want to get into better physical shape, a boxing workout routine can help you.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to train like a boxer in the best possible way, visit my boxing workout routine site:

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