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The Science of Getting Rich - A Review

February 12, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 114

The Science of Getting Rich is a book written by famous writer Wallace Wattles. He was born at the time when there was war all over United States in the 1800s. Wallace Wattles did face a lot of failures and hardships in his early life, and later in his life he did lot of tireless studies and various experimentations, which he has used in this book. This book is ideal for men and women alike because it is a practical manual and it tells everything about achieving goals and earning money. The practical approach of The Science of Getting Rich is what makes it different from other books in its league and thereby making it a huge success.

The Science of Getting Rich is a successful self-help book and it is so popular that it can easily find its way in the future Hall of Fame of popular books. It has all the ingredients that are necessary for a book to be exciting, appealing and readable. Moreover, The Science of Getting Rich is short and to the point and it is written in a lucid and eloquent manner, so that the readers can easily understand what it is trying to convey to its audience.

It is a book that Wallace wrote hundred years ago to make people understand the concept of wealth acquisition faster. This is a book that will only tell you about how to make money and it has nothing to do with raising your self-esteem or identifying goals to lead a happy life. Wallace is direct to the point and makes it clear that everyone has the right to be rich and wealthy. However, he never ever promotes negativity like greed or selfishness.

The Science of Getting Rich is an exciting book, however, there is one negative aspect about this book; it is a psychobabble and for some readers it might not be very much appealing. The Science of Getting Rich will not tell you about the types of investments that you should make to become rich or about any exercise that will help you to become rich. It is a book that will tell you that to become rich you have to manage your day-to-day business affairs efficiently, so that money can come in. So, as a whole this a great book to read because it is extremely appealing and it is true to its subject matter.

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