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Final Chapter of THINK AND GROW RICH: How to Outwit The Six Ghosts of Fear

November 02, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 165

Indecision, doubt and fear.

Napoleon Hill says that in order to allow our sixth sense to function properly we must first get rid off indecision, doubt and fear. Indecision crystallizes into doubt, and the two blended together become fear. They will germinate and grow in our minds without us even realising it, thus we must pay close attention, guard our minds at all times and not allow indecision and the feelings of doubt and fear to fester in us, otherwise, this is where we fail at achieving anything, at seeing anything we undertake come to fruition or we start but do not see it through.

For the application of the philosophy of THINK AND GROW RICH to work we must first get rid of any indecision, doubt and fear.

Napoleon Hill talks about six basic fears and says that sometimes they are deeply hidden in our subconscious mind and thus we don't even realise they are there and they are some of the reasons stopping us from moving forward as we want to.

The six basic fears are: the fear of poverty, the fear of criticism, the fear of ill health, the fear of loss of love of someone, the fear of old age and the fear of death. Fears are just a state of mind and our state of mind can be directed and controlled by ourselves, that's right, we and only we are in control of our state of mind, no one else! N H reminds us of the fact that the moment we have a thought in our mind, that thought begins to be translated, take form into its physical equivalent; whether or not that thought impulse is voluntary or not. Thus we must be extremely vigilant to the chain of our thoughts. We all have the ability to completely control our own mind, if only we choose to apply ourselves to do it and be in complete control of our mind, thus our life.

The fear of poverty. If you want to be rich not poor, just focus on being rich, reject poverty by simply not dwelling on it especially if you consider yourself to be poor right now and solely concentrate, focus your mind on being rich whether it be financially, in health, spiritually, mentally etcetera. You cannot focus on both your current state of affairs whether it be that you are poor or ill and focus at the same time on being rich and healthy, you must choose one or the other. Fear of poverty is a state of mind, if you do not decide to change that state of mind nothing will change. Tell the Universe that what you want is to be rich, focus on that thought, accept that the Universe will start working toward getting you what you want and gradually as you focus on exactly how much money you want, the Universe will show you how to get there, through ideas, inspirations, hunches that will come to you and when you take up on them, start working toward your goal, you will know you're on the right path because you'll actually love it. Napoleon Hill describes the fear of poverty as the most destructive of the six basic fears.

The fear of criticism. Robs one of initiative, destroys the power of imagination, limits ones individuality, takes away ones self reliance and the list goes on and on and on. "Criticism will plant FEAR in the human heart or resentment but it will not build love or affection". This fear, the fear of criticism is fatal to a person's personal achievement.

The fear of ill health. "Powerful and mighty is the human mind! It builds or destroys". Some people make themselves ill through the constant fear of being unwell, every one has heard of hypochondria; research has also shown that two seriously ill people suffering from the same illness will recover at a different pace due specifically to their state of mind about the illness and how they have decided to tackle it. Those who admit defeat to begin with will not have the same chances of recovery or recover as quickly as the ones who decide to fight, take their medication and focus on being healthy rather than on the illness. Some people have even been known for surviving and recovering against the odds, some fully without the use of medication, they chose to solely rely on the power of their mind. Sometimes, failing in business or in love also sends people to hospital, however, this happens because of the way we let our mind at that moment, the pain, to take over and fester, that the pain grows more acute. N H is certainly not suggesting that we never feel pain, we all have feelings after all, but it is how we decide to handle the pain and how long we want to be in pain for or dwell on it that causes us to go into despair.

The fear of loss of love. "This fear is the most painful of all the six basic fears...", many of us have at one point in our lives felt destroyed by this, again now that we understand how the mind works and that we and only we are in control of it, we can be in pain it's perfectly natural, but for how long and how in control we are is up to us. We can choose to either be destroyed forever by the loss or simply that fear or we can choose and decide that we are worth more than feelings of despair or simply worth more than that fear and fight against it for our own sanity and the sanity of our relationship by not giving into it and banishing it completely focusing on the things that make us happy if we are still in a relationship or if we are no longer in one focusing on things that make us happy so as to not focus on what saddens us; before we know it, the pain will be gone.

The fear of old age. The only thing this fear is going to cause, is you growing old before your age. Regardless of how young you try to make yourself look through your clothes. Accept old age as a blessing carrying with it wisdom, self control and an understanding or knowledge not known to the young.

The fear of death. Napoleon Hill describes this fear as being useless. He says that death will come no matter what, eventually and there is nothing one can do about it. So why fear it in the first place, will it do any good?

We can control our mind and we have the power to feed it whatever thought impulses we choose to. Just as surely as we have the power to control our own thoughts, we are the masters of our own destiny.

My goal is to help you realise that your success is entirely up to you, it is not dependent on circumstances or just luck. Anyone can become successful as long as they understand and apply The Law Of Attraction. For help and more information go to: to start building the life you want.

From my site you can get a free copy of THINK AND GROW RICH You can purchase my first ebook YOUR MIND THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL YOU'LL EVER NEED from AMAZON.COM or AMAZAON.CO.UK

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