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What Every Body Is Saying

March 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 226

What Every Body Is Saying, Joe Navarro - Review

What Every Body is Saying is a comprehensive book about body language by one of the world's primary experts.

Joe Navarro has devoted his life to studying body language, a passion which started aged eight and led him to a 25 year profession within the FBI.

A mix of theory, scientific facts along with cautious observations fill the book with revealing information.

Chapter 1: Mastering the Secrets of Nonverbal Communication

Body language comprises 65% of all interpersonal communication exchange and in the event that your not necessarily already you ought to begin paying attention because our body language tells the truth!

Joe has 10 commandments of body language which consist of conscious and constant observation, setting up baselines, searching for changes, uncomfortableness and not staring at individuals.

Chapter 2: Living Our Limbic Legacy

Believe you're smart? - well you should be, you possess three brains!

Your mammalian 'limbic' brain handles your body language and works on a freeze, fight and then flight basis.

This survival mechanism evolved thousands of years ago and is still beneficial in our own survival these days. Whenever we are comfortable we display higher confidence and whenever uncomfortable we present low confidence behaviours.

In the event that we're not comfortable we use pacifying behaviours to stimulate our own brains directly into feeling far better. There are differences in between men and women however generally these types of behaviours take the form of touching our necks, our faces, whistling, yawning, touching our own legs and also hugging ourselves.

Chapter 3: Getting a Leg Up on Body Language

Peoples' legs provide uncensored data about their inner most thoughts.

Watch out for happy feet, which way feet tend to be directed, the knee clasp along with leg splay to determine just what somebody is thinking.

If perhaps we're also comfy we can cross our legs, and lovers will mirror each others legs. Substantial alterations in leg movement, foot freeze along with the foot lock as well as leave reveal a lack of comfort and ease.

In the event that you want to understand if perhaps someone likes you when you meet them when you have shaken their hand find out if they stay still or move towards or away from you.

People walk in forty diverse ways!

Chapter 4: Torso Tips

Individuals turn towards things they like in addition to away from things they don't. If we can't turn away from something we hate we make use of our arms as a shield.

Whenever trying to assert dominance individuals puff up their chests or splay their torso.

Just like the legs, the torso will be honest, partially because it has in it all our bodily organs!

Chapter 5: Knowledge Within Reach

Arms are used to show dominance for instance arms akimbo as well as the hooding effect. We throw our arms in the air when we're happy as well as hug people we like a lot. Coming in contact with someone's arm is among the best ways to quickly acquire rapport.

We also place jewellery upon our own arms to indicate wealth.

Chapter 6: Getting a Grip

Our own human hands are distinctive amongst the animals and simply by utilizing them properly we can become much more convincing, likeable in addition to credible.

You can upset individuals with your hands by simply pointing, snapping your own fingers or flipping the 'bird'.

Be aware of steepling, thumb displays, genital framing, frozen hands, hand wringing, neck touching, microexpressions as all give away our own unconscious thought processes.

Whenever shaking hands, don't attempt to dominate, it doesn't work. Providing a great firm handshake is the best bet!

Chapter 7: The Minds's Canvas

Our facial expressions are a universal language. People are capable of more than 10,000 diverse facial expressions.

Because we are able to control our facial expressions we can hide feelings however faces are nonetheless useful for evaluating emotion.

Be aware of eye blocking behaviours such as squinting along with pupil constriction. People do this when they don't enjoy what they see. Likewise, in the event that what they say is agreeable we notice pupil dilation, brow arching and also flashbulb eyes.

Contempt is actually revealed by the rolling of the eyes and sneering. The lip area, nose, forehead, cheeks all provide information and if the face is actually sending mixed signals, the negative emotion tends to be more honest.

Curiously eye contact doesn't show honesty and is generally utilized by psychopaths!

Chapter 8: Detecting Deception

Despite the inherent trustworthiness of our body language, any time the body lies, its still difficult to tell. Even the most proficient body language readers can detect deceptiveness 60% of the time. Polygraphs are just 60-80% accurate. That's mainly because lying is a survival tool.

Whenever attempting to detect deception make sure you recognize the base level of body language when comfortable. Be aware of blocking using objects, pacifying conduct, clusters of behaviours, synchrony and emphasis.

Take notice and obtain a great view!

Chapter 9: Final Thoughts

We're taught to listen to just what people say. See precisely what peoples bodies are telling you and a whole new arena of communication will open up!

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