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Book Review - The Rainbow Machine by Andrew T Austin

January 21, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 74

Copyright: 2007 Real People Press

The Rainbow Machine is a book definitely different from most books on NLP or hypnosis. As Steve Andreas notes in his introduction to Andy Austin's book, it notes that the book indicates the spirit of neurolinguistic programming and he uses all these with "utmost skill, creativity, and outrageous playfulness." Steve Andreas touts Austin's creativity in writing the book. Clearly, the book is not just one of basic techniques or one that spells anything out. Instead it is a book written in many ways in the spirit of the Haley classic, Uncommon Therapy.

It has multiple short chapters. Essentially it has 56 chapters, if one includes the appendix on sub-modalities, all in a short 220 pages. The stories are brief, many of them anecdotal, illustrating the use of various neurolinguistic, as well as provocative therapy, types of techniques. Also spattered within the text are several chapters which provide some useful outlines of different things, such as on learning in general, the hemispheres of the brain, suggestions, binds, reframing, the yes set, deletion, and in the appendix a discussion of sub-modalities. This is in the midst of what are mostly different case examples dealing with different problems utilizing NLP, language, and other creative methods to facilitate change. It also has a very interesting chapter called The Right Man Syndrome (Narcissism), which discusses some of the patterns of thought and belief in individuals who are narcissistic.

Austin is quite tongue-in-cheek at times, but also shows a great deal of insight into the human psyche and how to facilitate change. This is an entertaining and thought provoking book. It is a great book to read when one needs a break from some of the dryer more technical books on neurolinguistic programming. It is a wonderful book to pick up and just read a chapter or two. The book makes no grand claims. At times he seems content to observe and describe human variation. Other times he gives compelling instances of creative intervention and efficient change.

In sum, this book is unique and well worth reading. This book inspires excitement about the process of being a change agent utilizing NLP to help others in their lives.

Rich Liotta, Ph.D., is a Psychologist, Author, Trainer, Consultant, and Photographer. As an Author and Fine Art Nature Photographer he strives to encourage appreciation and stimulate potentials toward growth and change. As a Trainer and Consultant he is passionate about providing tools to help people enrich and transform their lives. He offers workshops and seminars, including sponsored events, on a variety of topics. He is a Certified Trainer of Neuro-Semantics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Ericksonian Hypnosis. He owns Enrichment Associates Consultation & Training ( with his spouse Rosemary. His more community oriented blog is He is a believer in human potential, abundance, and beauty in the world!

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