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What Is Rebirth? Genetic Theory Powerfully Replaces Other Theories To Explain Life's Various Aspects

March 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 238

What is Re-Birth?

Before entering into the discussions on this topic, one should clearly understand the concepts of birth, life and death and certain concepts like thought. Let us first have a brief look on the above aspects to have a clear outlook on the topic of Re-Birth.

What Is The Meaning Of Birth?

The Birth is over when the physical body comes to Earth. Two entities are needed to create birth (except in a few cases of minute organisms). The male partner's sperm and the female partner's ovum fuse to make a life come into being. The movement of life is activated by parental sperm and ovum using oxygen. The strength for existence, the power of thought, capacity of Intelligence and all the finer aspects to conquer the surroundings is given during birth itself. The entire "Plan" encoded as a secret message gradually unfolds during the years to come.

Holistic Philosophy, like many other Philosophical theories maintains that any INCIDENT in the physical world is culmination of plans hidden for millions of years. Any incident should not be seen as an isolated one, but should be seen as UNFOLDING of a MASTER INTELLIGENT PLAN which is the origin of the entire Universe. "For convenience sake, it divides itself as material objects and intelligent life"-Prof David Bohm.

If we analyse the fusing of sperm and ovum using life gas oxygen,as a single incident we are thoroughly mistaken, but in fact, it is the culmination of genes for centuries together from ancestors starting from the origin of man. J.Krishnamurti categorically states that the human violence is inscribed in every man for millions of years.

Genes find place in an embryo (known as embryogeny) as GENETIC CODE which unfolds gradually as it grows. It adapts to the surroundings and survives strictly as per the code. An elephant cannot live the life of a monkey, nor the monkey, that of a snake. Likewise each individual lives the life only as per his genetic code unfolded in course of time.

The Meaning of LIFELINE:

One important aspect of this derivation is that Life can travel only through one line,i.e. 'the lifeline' which is travelling through sperms and ovum. For even children artificially born, ovum and its fertilisation by sperm is needed, though outside ovary. Even in that case, it should be placed in the ovary to grow, Hence any life on Earth has only one route to come to Earth, i.e. through ancestral and parental genes. The journey continues through various experiences of life and ends in the process called death. The genes were already transcendental to future generations.This is known as lifeline. covering the journey from the origin of life to the death of an individual.

Certain Examples of Motion Due to Dual Objects:

Now we shall see certain motions due to dual objects. One is CAUSE and another is the EFFECT.

1. First let us see the example of a Spinning top which children used to play. One is the wooden top and the other is the rope which activates it. The rope gives the necessary energy to make it revolve. The top revolves till the energy given by the rope is exhausted. The wooden top is the body and the kinetic energy is supplied by the rope.

2. Another example is an oil lamp. The thread is the body and the oil gives the energy to the thread to burn. The light goes off once the oil is exhausted leaving the body behind.

Life is also energy like this. It is exhausted once the energy is exhausted and the body is unable to draw further energy from the surroundings.

3. The best analogue to life can be drawn from the formation and the 'death' of an air bubble in water, especially moving water.

We know that a bubble is formed by air by interacting with water. It moves along with water. The air inside gives it necessary energy to counter the gravitation. There are two ways by which it dies.

One, when it crosses the optimum volume the air comes out bursting out and the second is when the outside friction is more than its internal attractive forces.

An analogue can be drawn between the liquid drop model of the nucleus and the above bubble model. Gravitation, Surface tension and frictional forces are the three forces causing the decline of a water bubble. (Other electric and magnetic forces in the liquid drop model may be ignored in this example)

The similarity between life and air bubble stops with these material aspects. There is a major aspect which makes life differ from any other non-living phenomenon is 'thought'.

The Phenomenon of Thought:

'THOUGHT' is the entity which differentiates living beings from non living beings. A top spins according to the energy supplied by the whip, a lamp burns up to the supply of fuel and a bubble survives till it is able to contain the air. They are at the disposal of a third entity.

But life has the unique quality of thought. In fact, thought differentiates between various living beings too. No doubt, MAN is the supreme in thought field. The reason for this is the Intelligence possessing. The Intelligence, he possesses is reflection of the Master Intelligent Plan, according to his capacity. This is due to the genes he has inherited. That is the reason why Holistic Philosophy maintains that the only route to birth and death is through the lifeline mentioned above.

Man, instead of using the unique property of thought for constructive purposes, is using essentially for destructive purposes. It is rarely great people like Mahatma Gandhi are born on Earth and live as Apostle of Truth. But, mostly, man is a selfish animal and he uses thought for his selfish ends.

J.Krishnamurti maintains that thought is also energy. It has created the present world according to the whims and fancies of mankind. The entire world is creation of thought.

Combining Bubble model with genetic theory one can define life as a temporary phenomenon formed by matter guided by the ancestral genes, which produces thoughts as per the genetic code embedded in it. Its journey ends once its capacity to earn energy from atmosphere (negative entropy) ends.

Whatever one wants to achieve is to be achieved during this period of journey. Nature has provided enough resources and opportunities for any human being to achieve all that he wishes to achieve in one birth itself. But, the tragedy is that he is unaware of the immense capacity he possesses within himself.

'The Brain', the Holistic Approach:

When a child is 'created' (as above), inasmuch several parts of the body are inherent in the genetic code, Brain cells are also inherited from parents. They are billions in number and descend from any of the ancestors (through parents). In addition to the cells, the impressions in the cells are numerous, the intelligence and the thought processes are also embedded in them and come to the fore one after the other. Energy accumulation makes several things possible in course of time both in physical and in mental levels.

Genes Determine the Place in Society for a Man:

One cannot say which genes are contained in his brain cells. Due to his ignorance he may be satisfied with a meagre manual job. But he may have genes of a great artist, player etc which may come out suddenly one day or other. In this way one may several Re-births in ONE birth itself.

We can give hundreds of examples of people who had several Re-births in one birth itself. Mahatma Gandhi was a modern youth accustomed to western living and was a lawyer. In later days he spent his life with a half loin cloth and died as a Mahatma. Aurobindo Ghosh was a freedom fighter and was an accused n a murder case. But he became a great Saint and revealed certain truths which nobody ever told. In recent history of Tamilnadu, M.G.Ramachandran (M.G.R) was a popular actor. Due to sudden turn of events he turned the chief minister and ruled Tamilnadu for 11 years.

When a middle-aged lady approached J.Krishnamurti with an appeal to get back her late husband to life, he sarcastically replied, "Which husband?" And the lady was perplexed. J.K then further quipped "whether you want your husband in childhood, or as a student, or as a lad or as an old man who suffered from various diseases.

In One Birth Itself One Can See Lot of Births by Using Fresh Genes:.

A patent clerk can become a scientist, a worker can become an international soccer player, and a hotel supplier can become a great musician and what not!

What is required is identification and activation of relevant brain cells. We need not wait for another birth. We can achieve whatever we desire by proper approach and efforts.

On certain occasions, persons very near to the celebrities in thought are born. There may be some Shakespeare, Tagore and Marlon Brando across the Globe. There are African Gandhi, Black Gandhi, and Tamil Gandhi etc. Sometimes great Saints are considered re-born in the form of fresh Saints. Even Gods are not exempt from this. They are also supposed to have taken several births.

These are all creation of thought. Thought has created the entire world. The same is the reason for our stories about re-birth. Also all the formalities like memorials, annual ceremonies for the departed souls etc are creation of thought.

Physical body is given only once which is purely like a water bubble. But because of the contents of the genes, we can learn new talents and get various births in this birth.

Hence it is the conclusion of this article is that don't wait for next birth etc, and also there is no time limit for a change of your profile. Change right now, BE A NEW BORN!

Dr B.Sathyanarayanan (65) is an experienced administrator, teacher and writer. He is M.Sc(Physics) from Annamalai University. He studied Psychology and Philosophy as additional subjects for graduation. He worked as a PHYSICS LECTURER for 2 years (1969-1971). He continued his interest in Psychology and got his PhD in Psychological counselling in 2000 and is counselling on HIV/AIDS matters. He conducted several intervention programmes. He is a well known writer in English in fiction and article writing. His writing is recognised internationally by listing in the directory of World Philosophers, Bowling Green State University, U.S.A.

All along his life so far, he remained a scientific philosopher in thought and deeds. He considers Albert Einstein as his role model in Science and J.Krishnamurti, in Philosophy. His first book 'The Simple Truth", a comparative study of Religion and Science, was published in 1987. He published the annual magazine 'Philosophy of Science' for five years. He founded Holistic Philosophy Society for the study of Physics and Philosophy. His latest book 'Glimpses of Holistic Philosophy' has been widely acclaimed. He conducts regular meetings on various topics on Physics and Philosophy in Chennai. He recently conducted a "Two days seminar on Religion, Science and Social Services" in Chennai, India which was attended by senior Professors of Physics and Philosophy.

So far, five of his articles have been published in ezine articles, four being on the topics on Physics and Philosophy. This article takes up the topic of REBIRTH from his book 'The Simple Truth'. He gives Genes theory as the alternative to explain various happenings in life. A reference may kindly be made to the previous articles published in case more details are needed.

The author is certain that various misgivings about Re-Birth will be cleared after reading this article.

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