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What Is Intelligence? Concept of Master Intelligent Plan (MIP) in the Book On Holistic Philosophy

February 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 207

INTRODUCTION: The Scheme of the Article:

At first, the basic aspects of Intelligence at various levels are discussed. Intelligence at Physical level, thought level and finally at pure level are discussed. Then, it is derived that there is a SUPER INTELLIGENT PLAN which is hidden behind all the actions. Finally the Theory of Intelligence as seen by Holistic Philosophy is presented with concluding remarks.

Physical Intelligence:

Let us start from the plant and animal levels. Let us also consider the three parameters space, time and energy in sustenance. Life in plants depends on light energy, more specifically solar light. They are not aware of the other two physical phenomena space and time. They use solar light in addition to organic elements for sustenance. Animal life, in addition to light, knows space. We have noted that animals like cats, tigers etc measure the distances before they leap. They are partially aware of time, mostly because of training.

But man, the greedy animal is aware of the energies around him, space and time. He has not only acquired the knowledge of most of the secrets of Nature but by virtue of his greed, he wishes to conquer and rule over all the natural phenomena. This has given him a Unique Intelligence. This is because of the potentiality of 'THOUGHT' which is the unique quality of man.

Intelligence at Thought Level:

Human thought, because of man's intelligence has produced certain good things like education, languages, mathematics, scientific research etc but the basic instinct of this human thought is violence. One such birth child of human thought is Religion. " Most of the wars on this Earth were fought in the name of Religions"- J.Krishnamurti.

Before going into the III level, i.e Pure, uncontaminated level of Intelligence let us see some more aspects of Intelligence.

Intelligence is the Capacity to Decode the Secrets of Nature:

What is the dictionary meaning of 'Intelligence?' In fact, the word is a combination of 'Inter+leger' which implies the meaning, among others,'to read in between'. (This explanation was given by the famous Philosopher J. Krishnamurti, during his discussions with Physics Professor David Bohm, who was very particular in knowing the meanings of words before entering into the subject under study). It means simply that an Intelligent being understands things better than others. Hence, this definition implies that Intelligence is the ability to read and understand the inner meanings of any proposition which requires lot of insight. If we further extend this to the common meaning, we can easily conclude that Intelligence is the immense capacity to 'DECODING'. One example for this definition is Intelligence of Sherlock Holmes who was able to solve several mysteries by effectively decoding (or deciphering) messages which are not understood by others (including the readers). In fact, the complete spying system is known as Intelligence Department. Both encoding and decoding require lot of intelligence, working in the same wavelength.


The advent of computer technology has brought the new concept of 'Artificial Intelligence' which is nothing but messages encoded in machines by 'bits' and 'bytes' which can be decoded comfortably by suitable operating systems. In a given problem a machine may be more efficient than Man. But it has the limited capacity up to which it was programmed. Unfortunately our school education system has reduced students to programmed machines, Intelligence in schools is a measurement of the capacity to memorise and to reproduce in the examination and is measured by ranking systems.

Three Ways of our Using Intelligence:

We are using Intelligence in various ways especially as follows:

1. One's own Intelligence 2. Borrowed Intelligence 3. Collective Intelligence.

This is possible only for human beings to borrow Intelligence from specialists and professionals. This aspect is helping the humanity to achieve several abnormal results in Science, medicine, law etc. Even education, which has teaching as an integral part is unique for human beings. When a group of people attack any problem in a collective manner they reach new heights. This unique property of mankind has made human beings the supreme creatures who are able to control and command other living beings and also Nature, to some extent. But when his application of Intelligence goes beyond certain level, it brings catastrophe as in the case of discovery of atomic energy. Here also man, by virtue of his foresight is able to use it for constructive purposes.

Two Aspects of Truth:

It is clear from the above statements that Intelligence is a capacity to solve, decode and address certain systems which are hidden either individually or collectively. When they are in the same wavelength, one finds they act in uniformity and there is order. Let us consider an experiment to find cure in the form of medicine to a disease. The result is contained in the whole truth behind and when the result touches the exact Truth, the solution is obtained.

So there are two aspects of Truth. To quote a few, they are encoding and decoding, programming and operating, questioning and answering. Readers can derive any number of doublets which on the one side a permanent Truth and the other, the approach to reach it.

Let us extend this phenomenon to higher levels such as Stimulus and response in Psychology, cause and effect in Philosophy and Conservation laws in Physics. (Law of demand and supply in Economics is an example in Arts subjects).

Response to stimuli is a measure of sensibility of any system And it is a direct measure of the Intelligence in the case of a living being. In this article, we are concerned about the co-relation between CAUSE AND EFFECT in Philosophy and LAW OF CONSERVATION in Physics and how they are connected to Intelligence.

Effect of Cause and Effect law:

Newton's laws prescribe the conservation of energy in its third law stating that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. This defines the permanence of energy. All the actions and reactions are within this energy level. In Philosophy, for any action there should be a cause. A deep look will clarify action is the cause and reaction is the effect which keeps the Universe going. It can be clearly understood that Philosophy and Physics explain the happenings in the Universe in their own ways, but basically both remain the same. But basically, we have to remember the rule that cause is behind effect, action behind reaction but there is a powerful entity behind even cause and actions which is PERMANENT, not divisible and not measurable.

It may require to writing another article to prove the fact that Sunlight is the effect, Sun is the cause, Time is the effect, movements are cause, separation of objects is the cause and Space is the effect, conservation laws are the cause and various divisions and distribution of energy is the effect. But behind all these causes also there is a SUPREME POWER which controls the entire Universe That is in the form of a hidden Plan.

Holistic Philosophy names it as MASTER INTELLIGENT PLAN.


The famous Gayatri Mantra in Rig Veda states: "I offer my prayer to the Universe, the power beyond the Universe the all-pervading 'INTELLIGENCE' ( the exact word is SAVITHA: container of the entire intelligence) which is a universal Mantra. This is an evidence to prove that there is a Master Intelligent plan hidden behind the observable Universe controlling all the activities. That is beyond Time and not measurable.


1. Intelligence is the capacity to throw light in the field of space, Time and conservation laws and beyond.

Explanation: The material world which we are living can be contained in the above three phenomena. It requires separate article to describe the illusion of space and time. But human thought identifies these two as the physical world. The powerful entity 'thought' has created another physical concept Conservation laws. When Intelligence acts within thought level, it is contained within these three walls. It requires lot of Intelligence to see beyond three walls. There are great people who have seen beyond these three barriers and they are known as 'seers'. Seers like Ramana Maharishi, Albert Einstein and J.Krihnamurti were able to see beyond these barriers and that is why they are able to see beyond space and time. Conservation laws are no matter for them and they will be able to foretell several truths without the help of Thought level.

2. An intelligent being has the capacity to re-produce itself with or without external help another being with the same level of physical intelligence, which again has the capacity to reproduce and the process is indefinite.

3. Universe and life are reflections of a MASTER INTELLIGENT PLAN (M.I.P) which is beyond the concepts of Space, Time and conservation laws of matter and Energy.

The Master Intelligent plan is totally uncontaminated and measureless. The Intelligence which we construe is a reflection of the original nameless plan. In creation, It slowly unfolds into living plan as matter and energy. It always remains the same It remains POORNA (complete), the things taken out of it also is POORNA and the remainder is also POORNA.

The following Upanishad Mantra defines it as ' Ohm Tat Sat"- That nameless stands as permanent Truth (always).

Let me conclude the article with the logo of Holistic Philosophy Society: "INTELLIGENCE IS SUPREME'.

We wish the readers all success.

Dr B.Sathyanarayanan (65) is an experienced administrator, teacher and writer. He is M.Sc(Physics) from Annamalai University. He studied Psychology and Philosophy as two additional subjects for graduation. He worked as a PHYSICS LECTURER for 2 years (1969-1971). Later, he had to take up a bank job and continued Physics and Philosophy research privately. At the age of 50, he got voluntary retirement from banking service to devote more time for social,educational and research activities. In 2005, he took up Physics teaching once again and is continuously teaching for the past 8 years as a regular professor of Physics.

He continued his interest in Psychology and got his PhD in Psychological counselling in 2000 and is counselling on HIV/AIDS matters. He conducted several intervention programmes. He is a well known writer in English in fiction and article writing. His writing is recognised internationally by listing in the directory of World Philosophers, Bowling Green State University, U.S.A.

All along his life so far, he remained a scientific philosopher in thought and deeds. He considers Albert Einstein as his role model in Science and J.Krishnamurti, in Philosophy. His first book 'The Simple Truth", a comparative study of Religion and Science, was published in 1987. He published the annual magazine 'Philosophy of Science' for five years. He founded Holistic Philosophy Society for the study of Physics and Philosophy. His latest book 'Glimpses of Holistic Philosophy' has been widely acclaimed. He conducts regular meetings on various topics on Physics and Philosophy in Chennai. He recently conducted a "Two days seminar on Religion, Science and Social Services" in Chennai, India which was attended by senior Professors of Physics and Philosophy. The above article is a part of the proposition put forward in the above seminar by the author.

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