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A Magnificent Monkey From Indonesia

October 09, 2010 | Comments: 0 | Views: 131

"Nalikane Alengka diobong," (Once upon the time, Alengka was burned). This song is very popular in Java, especially in the sub-urban area. Hanuman is a figure from Ramayana epic. He was Rama's ambassador. He must take back Sinta who was kidnapped by Rahwana. His appearance is almost similar like Sun Go Kong.

Hanuman's mother is Anjana, a beautiful goddess from heaven. The father is wind god, named Bayu. Therefore, in the east he was called Bayu's son. When he was still a baby, Hanuman has ever swollen the sun. For, its shape is like his favorite candy. Adult Hanuman is very powerful. He is able to fly crossing the ocean to save his Master's wife. Alone this mighty monkey burned Alengka.

At page 26-27 Anand mentions a unique diagram. Showing 4 ways in finding the center in ourselves. First is Kama or strong will. Second is Artha, not only related with wealth but also with human's life value. Third is Dharma or Rightfulness. Last but not least is Moksha or ultimate freedom.

Unfortunately, people tend to combine Kama with Artha, which are in a line. Therefore, we only have a strong will to collect money. Similar with the combination of Dharma and Moksha, we do something good only to get reward and to avoid punishment. What is our different with a donkey who just want to eat carrot and avoid stick?

The ideal meeting is in diagonal line. Meaning that we have Kama or strong will to gain Moksha or ultimate freedom, not after the death but during our life right here right now. Then, we collect wealth to be shared with the oppressed people. It's our Dharma. In tune with John Lennon's imagination, "Imagine all the people, sharing all the world..."

Hanuman is more than a monkey. Reading the Hanuman Factor will color our life with the same spirit.

The Hanuman Factor by Anand Krishna, reviewed by Nugroho Angkasa

First Published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama Indonesia (January 2010)

Number of Pages: 206

Source: EzineArticles
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