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Build Your Own Chicken Coop Book Review

March 12, 2010 | Comments: 0 | Views: 87

I love the taste of fresh eggs and I've always wanted some chickens of my own. I recently took the plunge and ordered 24 chicks out of a catalogue. I realized pretty quickly once they arrived that I needed a chicken coop to keep them in when they got older (in a few weeks!). I am pretty handy and decided that I wanted to build my own chicken coop.

So I decided to go online and found several books on the subject. One book in particular stood out though. Unfortunately, after reading the book, I found out that I should have planned ahead! Oh, well. Luckily the chicks were nice and warm in my garage and were fine for a few weeks which gave me plenty of time to build them a new chicken house.

This book has proved to have a wealth of information of everything from which chickens are best for your yard, what they need to eat and what type of housing they need. It also describes the different types of birds you can get and what color eggs they lay. He even tells you what color healthy poop should be!

The diagrams and drawings are very easy to follow and anyone with any kind of handyman or handywoman abilities should have no trouble constructing a nice looking, safe chicken coop. His designs are cost effective and environmentally friendly which was a plus for me.

You can choose a specific design and build it or you can choose to customize your chicken coop. I was also able to take his advice and build some nice nesting boxes out of scrap wood that I had in my garage.

All in all, this is a great book with a lot of diagrams of wonderful chicken houses. It was easy to read and easy to implement the plans. I was very happy with this book and my chickens love their new chicken coop!

Check it out for yourself by going to my blog ==> [].

Building my very own chicken coop was one of the most enjoyable projects that I have done in a long time. My chickens love their new house and it looks just like the diagram in the book. The sense of accomplishment that I feel is wonderful.

If you have chickens and need a hen house, then check out the book for yourself == > []

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