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Review of Twitter Power 2.0 by Joel Comm

May 17, 2010 | Comments: 0 | Views: 142

Anyone that follows Joel Comm knows he has a very good grasp of Twitter power. He makes controversial statements at times, but is truly a user that appreciates using Twitter for interacting with his audience. A few weeks ago he was looking for new business ideas and called in feedback from fellow Twitters. We chatted a bit back and forth, and I like the way he stands up for his opinions. He is a Republican whereas I am more of an Obama-fan - a Danish Social Democrat with a keen taste for world politics. Joel is a strong brand in himself, and he dares to state his opinions.

You don't have to like all his opinions to follow him. Rather the contrary, you can appreciate his practical application of his formula for success. Building Twitter power happens one tweet at a time. Bringing value every time you hit that Tweet-button. Joel Comm is an author with many titles already published:

  • The AdSense Code
  • Click Here to Order
  • AdSense Secrets 4.0

Beyond these titles he has also written about Kontera, Chitikaand even the e-book entitled: "How to Build Profitable Websites Fast!" Joel was very brave a short time ago. He removed all his followers on Twitter based upon one form of logic: those that only followed him because he followed them back would leave. His timeline was drowning under the influence of thousands of Twitter users that created dozens of tweets every single minute. He only follows 503 people, but has over 65000 followers, and has tweeted 10524 tweets at the time of writing this review.

Joel Comm lives by the recipe he gives his readers:

  • He stands out by speaking his mind
  • He updates followers on new blog articles
  • He shares ideas to inspire others
  • He gives valuable offers to Twitter followers
  • He retweets when others say valuable things in their tweets
  • He gives due credit where credit is due
  • He shares information about his wife - showing a family interest
  • He likes humor - including flying monkeys

All in all, Joel Comm is an author that brings values to his readers. Whether short e-books or the longer on AdSense he always updates his content so it is valuable for readers to get a hold of. If and when a product is outdated it could ruin his online credibility, and he knows it. That's why it's very easy to recommend you read his books because he never hits publish if the product isn't worth every cent - or more.

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you enjoyed the information. You can see my overview of blogs over at You can follow me on Twitter: Feel free to leave feedback if you were helped by this article. I am always happy to hear what YOU think.

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