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The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

May 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 183

"The $100 Startup: Reinvent The Way You Make A Living, Do What You Love, And Create A New Future" by Chris Guillebeau is an interesting and informative book for those who are or want to be entrepreneurs. It is not about a specific business that you can start for $100, but rather a book about a new model of doing business that the author calls a microbusiness revolution, or a way of earning a good living while crafting a life of independence and purpose.

The two themes in the book are freedom and value. The author states that we are all looking for freedom and value is the way to achieve it. The book is then filled with case studies of people who have done just that. They have obtained freedom through creating value for others. While the author uses personal examples, he also uses many examples from the research he's done on people who have created businesses, with little start up costs, but provided value to others in a way that enabled them to grow the business and provide the lifestyle they desired.

Make no mistake, this is not a get rich quick book. Building a business takes work, and lots of it. However, the author believes (and so do I) that you can transition to a meaningful life oriented toward something you love to do and make money doing it. Others have done it, and this book shows the path they took. The author's premise is that you can also follow this path to create the freedom you crave.

The book is divided into three parts, the first, "Unexpected Entrepreneurs" contains five chapters that deal with Renaissance, Give Them the Fish, Follow You Passion...Maybe, The Rise of the Roaming Entrepreneur, and The New Demographics. There is some good advice in these chapters, especially in regards to figuring out what you will do, and how not everything will be a great business. Reality checking is important.

Part Two, "Taking It To The Streets" has five chapters that deal with The One-Page Business Plan, An Offer You Can't Refuse, Launch, Hustling: The Gentle Art of Self-Promotion, and Show Me the Money. One of the things I really liked in part two was the motivation to act. Planning is important and good, but you must act. The author shares his one-page business plan worksheet.

The third part, "Leverage And Next Steps" contains the final four chapters on Moving On Up, How to Franchise Yourself, going Long, and But What If I Fail? Again, this part has some good information for some people in certain businesses. My favorite line was at the end of the book when the author says the most important lesson in the whole book is "Don't waste your time living someone else's life.

The book also points to on-line resources to help further the guidance this book provides. Overall, I found the book motivating, and containing some valuable information for the would be entrepreneur who wants more freedom. The world is changing and the way people do business is changing. This book will help you ride the wave of that change.

Alain Burrese, J.D. is a writer, speaker, and mediator. He has authored several books (including Lost Conscience and the Tough Guy Wisdom series) and a number of instructional DVDs (including Hapkido Cane and the Lock On Joint Locking Essentials series). He has also reviewed hundreds of books, DVDs, and products. His Warrior's Edge programs focus on safety, marital arts, self-defense, and living with The Warrior's Edge. His Black Belt Communicator programs focus on effective communication for conflict resolution, negotiation, leadership, and mediation. You can find out about Alain, read articles and reviews, see video clips of his DVDs, and more at

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