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Why Participate in Book Fairs

June 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 181

Can you still remember the book fairs you attended when you were in school? Remember the excitement to see what books were for sale and finding out if that book you've wanted to buy was finally priced just right? Some great books can be found at book fairs and usually at a lower price. Did you ever ask yourself why there were such events?

A book fair is an event organized for publishers and booksellers to promote sales of books. It can be a stand-alone event or part of a larger occasion. For example, a food convention can accompany a fair where booksellers and authors can showcase their cookbooks at the said event. This can be fundraisers, too. Did you know that the book fairs held in your school were most likely fundraisers? They were not only fundraising events but opportunities to promote literacy among students.

Now you, as an author, may be asking yourself, "What is the importance of a book fair?" Basically, they are held to promote and market books. If you don't market your book, it won't sell. A good title is nothing if you don't let people know about it. Do not expect your book to sell on its own, you have to market it. That is why we have this special affairs to help your book stand out among the other thousands of books printed every year.

Book promotion is not easy. It will require all your resources, creativity and connections. A lot of authors want to have their books published in the traditional way. However, it is not easy to get your book published by a popular publishing company. That is why thousands of new authors resort to self-publishing. And here is where the importance of book fairs comes into play.

One of the world's most famous book fairs is held annually in Frankfurt. The Frankfurt Book Fair is the biggest book and media fair in the world - with around 7500 exhibitors from over 110 countries. This event is held in mid-October at the Frankfurt Trade Center in Germany. International publishing rights and licensing fees are negotiated at this fair by representatives from book publishing and multimedia companies all over the world. The Frankfurt Book Fair has been an industry tradition for more than 500 years, with hundreds of thousands of people participating in this event. Every year, there is a guest of honour who is accorded a special exhibition hall set up with the major publishing houses present at the fair. The guest of honour for 2012 is New Zealand.

On the other hand, the United States also holds its largest annual book fair called Book Expo America or BEA. It is a four-day event usually held in late May or early June. Selling and buying of subsidiary rights and international rights also occur here among publishing companies, but not at the level of negotiation that happens at the Frankfurt Book Fair. This year, BEA was held at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City from June 4 to 7.

Book fairs are essential events in the publishing industry. They promote upcoming titles and help self-published authors market their books. Participating in book fairs will help you as an author to widen your connections in the publishing industry and direct you on the way to becoming a well-known author. is helping self publishers all around the world to successfully self publish and market their books with cost effective solutions to create bestsellers. The website offers a free book for budding self publishers, and many other free resources.

Terence Tam is the founder of Bookpal, he previously spent 6 years as an academic and was a contributing author for several academic books. Frustrated with the level of service he was getting with traditional publishers, he set up his own self publishing company to help other authors publish and market books with cost effective yet efficient solutions

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