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Cover Designs For Your eBooks

March 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 105

I use a combination of cover design methods for my 16 eBooks (2 more in a few weeks) and the same for my POD (print on demand) ones as well. With print eBooks you have to keep in mind the back as well as the front cover, plus spine text if you have a thick enough book.

Simplicity, color, and layout are the key elements here. And with the flexibility of publishing online and in print quickly and exactly as you like it, you can change parts or all of your covers almost instantly. Even a beginner can design their own covers.

For eBooks you need a well-sized thumbnail for display online as well as inside of your book. Although there are other formats out there, if you are starting out the one you want to try first is mobi and this the one used by the largest online retailer, where I have my books. You can create your book in Word (.doc only) and it has to be formatted (unseen formatting is key) in a certain way or else all you will get in your eBook is a lot of garbage and unformatted text.

You can check how to format your project for mobi in many online forums or on sites, and then download the free Mobipocket Reader. Ask this Reader to open up your.doc file and when it does you just close it, then that book will be automatically saved in your "documents" file (under eBooks) as a mobi file. This is what you upload the file, along with your cover thumbnail, to that popular online bookselling site.

Anyway, back to the covers. Unless you can partner with or know how to do it yourself or have one of those fancy cover designing software packages, then you can just use Windows "Paint" program which comes free with the OS. Purchase a studio quality jpeg (only) from (or another site) and use that as your basic design. When you purchase a photo from there, by the way, it's royalty free to 250,000 sales of your book, but always read the licensing terms on any site like this.

Open up the photo in Paint then go to town and add text etc. and fool around with the design. You can always start over if you goof up since you have the original photo on your computer. It's also a good idea to start a folder and save all of your photos in there, that are specifically for your covers.

On a cover you want the title and your name and that's about it. Try to make the title brief and be sure and add a blurb (usually at the bottom) if your book is part of a series. I have mine designated as The Mozart Killer - book 1 in The Foxworthy Files, for instance. I even put a tiny little fox at the beginning to catch someone's eye - also I have my series up on one page on the retailer's site so that they are easy to find.

Aside from the eBooks, like I mentioned, you can use this cover thumbnail for your POD books but it has to be high quality so that when enlarged to 5x8 or 6x9 (or whatever size you choose) it looks good, as well as being proportionate. The POD division of this retailer has templates for both your interior and cover files, so making the entire POD book is relatively simple.

Go for your eBook first as they are the most popular, are usually up on the site within a day, and can be changed easily for both the interior and covers. When you change anything in your books, on this site at least, the "old" version stays up there so customers can continue to buy even while you wait for the latest version to be put up. Why lose even one sale?

Susan Hart is a former literary agent, now turned to writing mostly fiction (novels as well as ghost writing) and other miscellaneous creative writing projects. She has 16 books up on Kindle and in print on Amazon. A quick trip to her literary cats site will give you a rundown of the books she has published (under book reviews), plus some great writing tips. You can also reach her on elance if you would like to investigate how a ghost writer can help you with your project.

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