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A Chess Set Can Make For A Sophisticated Decor Item

January 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 298

Whether you have a strong love of the game of chess or you are simply enchanted with the game's history, you'll find that there is something about a chess set that is pleasing to both the hand and the eye. The square board, with its stark black and white squares, adds a wonderful angularity to your home, while the pieces themselves, sculpted and gorgeous, catch the eye and draw the hand closer to touch. Even in a purely decorative sense, chess sets can give your home a sense of dignity and playfulness that it lacked before.

When you want to buy a set of chess pieces for your home, don't settle for a simple child's toy with a cardboard board and plastic pieces. Chess is a game for kings, and some of the sets that you can buy are absolutely fit for kings. For example, consider how it would look to have a mahogany box and board set with wooden pieces that have been carefully carved? Wood is a wonderful choice for chess pieces, adding both texture and warmth to the room.

On the other hand, if you are furnishing a room that is meant to be cooler and a little intimidating, why not consider a chess board that is made of pure marble instead? This type of chess board is a wonderful choice when you are looking for something that is coldly elegant, recalling a time when chess really was a game for kings and courtiers. This is a wonderful way to create a sense of luxury and elegance in your home.

Beyond the standard sets out there, where the rook is a tower and the knight is a horse, you'll find that there are also specialized chess sets that give the board a fantastical look. For example, you may choose sets where everything is given an Asian fantasy sensibility with dragons and phoenixes, or one where everything has been carved to resemble European fantasy tropes, like actual knights on horseback and bishops. The choice is yours, and there is a stunning variety of sets to choose from if you only go searching.

When you are thinking about displaying your chess set, you'll find that this is a perfect time to think about what you want to place underneath it. For example, for a cozy look, why not place a warm tartan blanket underneath the board when you display the set on a table? While this protects the table, it also softens the lines of the board, creating a look that seems to invite play. On the other hand, if you are after a warmer look with some truly princely overtones, drape a sheepskin around the board or use it underneath the table. This is a great way to call back to the game's ancient history.

If you decide to have both the board set up for decorative purposes and the pieces on it, you can have the pieces set up ready to play or you can scatter them on the board as if the board were abandoned mid game. Both bring visual variety to the room, so go with it!

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