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How to Make Money With Your Blog: Can It Really Be Done?

April 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 133

Do you write a blog? If so, you may have thought it would be nice to make money doing so, but good luck with that, right? Actually, no. You really can make money with your blog, and in some cases, it can even turn into a very nice income. The key is to do it right from the start.

Things you can do to make money from your blog include:

· Through "passive advertising"

Passive advertising happens when you allow companies to place ads on your blog; in exchange, you either get a small monetary sum every time someone clicks through on a particular ad to a website, or you may get a commission when someone clicks through on an ad to the website selling the particular product or service and actually makes a purchase.

The nice thing about this type of income stream is that you really don't have to do anything once you set up the program and decide where the ads will appear on your blog. As you generate more back links with each blog post, you will be more visible to people. As you get more traffic to your blog, more people will click on those ads that appear on the blog either to simply investigate or even to buy. In effect you get "paid" by your blog, with very little work and effort beyond maintaining your blog itself.

· Through selling products or services, either as an affiliate or on your own

If you're an affiliate for a particular company, you can use your blog to sell that company's products or services. You can either do so simply by placing an affiliate link on your blog site for a related product or service, or you can do so by using the blog itself to sell that product or service. Either way, you can make money as an affiliate through your blog.

In addition, you can use your blog to market your own products and services; it's an easy and effective way to both advertise what you do and to keep prospective customers apprised of new developments, new offers you've got going on at the moment, and so on.

· Through contributions

Using contributions as an income stream can be slippery and can be seen as distasteful, in some cases. However, if the advice or information you provide is valuable and you offer it for "free," you can ask for donations or contributions from readers so that you get some form of compensation for your time, effort, and expertise, even if it's not an actual paycheck. Contributions can be a great way to generate some decent income, and you don't actually have to "sell" your advice. Instead, you can give it away for free, and those who want to pay for it, can.

These are a few ideas you can start using now to make money with your blog. There are really no special talents or skills needed to earn a substantial income using this method - are you ready to make money?

Tess Tackett offers hundreds of internet marketing tips, strategies, how-to's and resources at Prosper with Tess. Tess also offers unparalleled SEO content writing services at SEO Content Connection, where along with other writers she writes website pages, articles and more.

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Make Money With Your Blog

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