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Empower Network Review: Passed the Hype and Down to Bare Bones

June 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 207

Why Check the Empower Network Review for the Facts?

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past six months, you have undoubtedly heard of the "Empower Network blog", and how it pays 100% commissions; hence, I'm betting you're looking for the Empower Network review to get you the bare bones facts.

I'm no marketing guru. In fact, I'm a senior citizen working this thing only part time, so I'd like to give you the real truth about how it can help a real person who already has a full time life - you know, a real person like me with little time or money to put into it. And it's a wise decision for you to be searching for information from an Empower Network review before you jump into it - or anything - head first.

The fact is that most people will join a business or buy something based on emotion. And, let's face it, it's kind of hard to not get excited or let your emotions run away with you when you think of getting 100% commissions! So let's get down to the brass tacks...

Empower Network Review of the business origin...

The system was created by Dave Wood in October of 2011. Dave started off as a network marketing rep and who at one time in this life was actually homeless and living out of van. After much struggle with the business, Dave finally found his way to market online, and then only online, and has become an internet marketing guru in the process. When Dave began earning money easily with little or no effort in his business, he realized that the next thing on his agenda to really bring him satisfaction is the help people who are in also network marketing by giving them a "leg up" on the internet marketing end.

Dave teamed up with an X-construction worker who had also found his way to mild success in network marketing, Dave Sharpe. And the two together, combining their genius with their generous hearts, have truly found a way to change the world.

Empower Network Review of the program... What is it?

Although the system was designed to help network marketers, much to Dave's surprise, many people have decided to market just the system itself. Some people call it multilevel, because the potential to make residual income is amazing. But in truth, it's really an affiliate marketing product. The program is a team blogging system, which makes it automatically search engine optimized.

Hence, what you blog about will be seen by a huge number of viewers with very little effort. This is a huge benefit to anyone wanting to market anything - from soap to consulting - 100% online! Since our world seems to be exploding in the cyber direction, this gives us a tremendous target market for the Empower Network product itself!

Empower Network Review of How it Works...

The system works completely online, so there is nothing to install, and you can easily work from any computer or location. The sales pages are already in the system to promote itself at 100% commissions, so anything you blog about is syndicated out to thousands who will have the opportunity to read about what you say or promote. That same page will reveal a window that entices them to opt into the sales funnel for the "Empower Network blog", already created by Dave and Dave. All you do is make sure that the link is distributed to enough people who can see the video, and the cash comes direct to your bank account.

Therefore, as far as you're concerned, your mission is three steps - blog, tell others, and get money!

Empower Network Review of the Commission structure...

The cost to join is a $25 minimum sign-up fee, with four levels, $25 being the first level. The system is structured so that whatever level you own, that's the level you receive payment for. It's not necessary to sign up for all four levels at once; many people decided to "work their way up", which can be easily done, since your first sale will get you back your $25 investment, giving you the system for free. When you purchase a higher level, you receive the commissions of that higher level. Any commissions that pass you by because of a level you don't own, do not go to the founder of the company. Instead, they float up to your sponsor, or the next guy in line who does own the product. Many people decide to "upgrade" when they get their first email that says "you just lost $100"!

The system comes with its own merchant account, "E-Wallet". This is easy to install and you don't need good credit to be a part of it. The E-Wallet account will hold your money and issue you a debit card to use or you can transfer to the bank of your choice. There is a fee - $19.95 per month.

Empower Network Review of the "get big money fast" myth...

Although this is the closest you'll ever come to the product "selling itself", there is still work for you to do on your end. Hence, you'll want to learn how to promote online. Even though all you need to do is get people to see the video, how exactly do you do that online? Fortunately, Empower Network provides extensive training at several levels with audios and videos that walk you through and teach you exactly how to do this. But you must be committed to learn. I would suggest devoting a minimum of two hours a day to the system - an hour of training and hour of blogging. Blogs can be both in the form of typed words or embedded videos.

Is it "Big Fast Money" like they say?

No, although it is, in my opinion, the fastest you'll find on the internet. That $10,000 per month you hear about - the big money to be made fast - although true for some, is not the norm. The fact is that the people who made big money literally overnight are people who already had been involved in network marketing, and many of them already had been involved in marketing online. So they already had a list in place with an auto-responding system that would send out email blasts about the amazing new product. So imagine the potential for people who come in with a list of 5000 people, and only 10% buy in! That's $12,500 overnight at a minimum!

So what if you don't have a list and don't know anything about marketing online?

Then this is definitely for you, but you can't expect to make thousands overnight like the bigwigs did. If you're willing to learn and grow, this is your best option, because you can work your way up, one step at a time.

Most important of all, you must learn how to PROMOTE YOUR BLOG, because if you don't learn this, then blogging is simply a waste of time. CLICK THIS LINK, to gain immediate access to a video created by Dave and Dave themselves to hear details about the program.

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