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Where To Find Owl Pellets

May 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 175

Want to get your hands on some owl pellets for dissecting? There are over a dozen companies who sell them fairly cheap over the Internet, but if you live in or around the right areas, you might be able to find them by as close as your backyard.

If you don't know what owl pellets are, let me give you a quick explanation. An owl pellet is the remains of an owls food which they can digest. So, instead of allowing this part of their meal to back up in their intestines, they regurgitate it in the form a pellet. Typically, these pellets will contain the bones, fur, teeth and beaks from the prey they've consumed.

Owl pellets will vary in both contents and appearance. Although, most are usually around an inch long and are brown or gray in color.

Based on what you now know about owl pellets, logic should tell you that the best places to find owl pellets are where owls spend their time. One of the most common and widespread species, the barn owl, typically spend most of their time in or around large outdoor structures. If your property has a barn on it, then you've likely hit the goldmine. Take a visit when it's still light out to investigate and see if there are any signs owls or owl pellets. In most barns, owls will rest, sleep and regurgitate their pellets while high up in the barns rafters. Try to find rafters and look directly below them for the pellets. Scan not only what's visible on the surface, but look underneath hay, leaves and any other debris on the barn floor.

Another prime place for finding barn owls is in large silos. Much like barns, silos give a constant supply of rodents and other small prey which the barn owl will feed on daily. Because silos are usually smaller than barns, finding pellets in them is usually easier and takes less time.

You don't have to live on a farm to find owl pellets, though. The great horned owl spends its time in large, coniferous forests where it can find prey and cover in the trees. Be warned, though, it's more difficult to find them when you're searching in the woods instead of a man-made structure. Your best bet is to follow game trails and scan the ground, especially underneath large trees and branches. If you see a small ball protruding from under some leaves, uncover it and see if it's a pellet.

As you go on your search for pellets, it's a good idea to bring a few things with you. You should always have a container with you to place your pellets in, such as a bag or backpack. Also, I recommend wearing gloves when touching the pellets, as they may carry harmful bacteria and parasites.

Bryan is an owl enthusiast and frequently writes about owl pellets.

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