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'Forever Liesl' by Charmian Carr - A Book Review

May 29, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 198

Forever Liesl was written by Charmian Carr, the actress who played the part of Liesl von Trapp, the oldest of the von Trapp children, in The Sound of Music movie. It was the first book to be written about the movie by one of the actors, and was written as a tribute to The Sound of Music for its 35th anniversary. It is a collection of memoirs from the making of The Sound of Music movie, and gives the reader a detailed account of her thoughts and experiences in front of the camera.

On its release in March 1965, Charmian Carr became ambassador for The Sound of Music movie, allowing her to travel around the world promoting the film. During this time she met many fans, as well as meeting the real von Trapp family. Many similar questions were always being asked of her, such as 'How did you get the part of Liesl?' and 'Why did you only act in the one movie?' She realised that a book needed to be written for her fans, so that these questions could be answered. She sat down and wrote Forever Liesl.

This book, however, is not only about the making of the Sound of Music, but it is also about Charmian's life. She writes very sensitively of her tragic childhood, candidly telling the reader of her struggles of living with an alcoholic mother.

It is a book filled with behind-the-scenes black and white photographs that will delight any Sound of Music fan, and is written in such a positive way, reflecting exactly the same positive feel that runs throughout the movie, emphasizing the importance of love, friendship and music.

Charmian tells of her own experiences when making The Sound of Music, for example the scene of her and Rolf dancing in the gazebo and the accident that ensued which almost halted the production of the film. Her account of the very first scene in which she was actually filmed in, when Liesl climbs up into Maria's bedroom during the thunderstorm, is particularly amusing. The book will certainly make the reader appreciate the movie even more, giving a greater depth and understanding to The Sound of Music.

The book also includes anecdotes from fans around the world, who recount the huge impact the musical has had on their own lives.

Carr writes in a respectful way about the other actors, particularly of Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer and director Robert Wise. She is still very close to her movie brothers and sisters, which is highlighted by the chapter in the book which is dedicated to Nicholas Hammond, who played the part of Friedrich, the eldest von Trapp boy. The seven 'children' still meet up occasionally at Sound of Music reunions, the most recent being in 2010 in celebration of the 45th anniversary of the movie release.

Over the years, Charmian realised that if she was to be remembered for one good movie then there could be no better one than The Sound of Music. She knows that she is going to be Forever Liesl to her fans.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has a passion for this timeless musical.

Linda Olive is a lifelong fan of The Sound of Music, and is the author of, the most comprehensive source of information on the world's favorite musical. To find out more fascinating information about Charmian Carr, visit

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