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Elvolution: According to Author Jason Kinnear

February 04, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 300

Jason Kinnear is the author and creator of a very intriguing book called "Elvolution."This amazing book is more than just a story about Elves. It is a deeper look into a society of little people who are oppressed. This tiny society must work diligently to sustain themselves or risk decimation.

The author of this interesting allegory, Jason Kinnear, was raised in a rural Ohio town in the Northwestern part of the state. Jason loves to write, and he finds it an escape from the worries and confusion of life. He enjoys the fact that he can create a new reality simply with his creative words. He feels that writing also incites emotions in the reader whether it is sadness, happiness, hatred or peace. Kinnear also feels that the concept of his book is something that desperately needed to be written about. There are so many cultures of people who do feel oppressed and do feel there are prejudices and ideas against them. Kinnear's book pays tribute to that sad yet truthful fact and so much more.

In Jason's story, "Elvolution", he pays homage to the traditions of the Christmas elves that we all know and love from our own childhoods..They must be brave and strong and even risk being discriminated against by people who want to take advantage of them because of their size. The elves have a desperate need to be freed from such oppression and isolation, much like people today who are discriminated against.

The book also touches on such issues of how the elves climb chimneys every Christmas too high for them to reach just to deliver presents to the children. This book documents the struggles of those much weaker than ourselves who do have to reach what seems like insurmountable odds to make it to the top. It is quite a symbolic look at this timeless tale of Santa and his elves.

Kinnear's book is an important tribute of the little guy defeating the odds against him. There are people all over the planet starving to death and doing hard work for very little compensation, if any. This story embraces all of these truths,and it sheds some light on the human condition. After all, as the author says, we all need to have a wide range of human emotion to stay sane. This story will take you through many different emotions as you read this timeless tale with a new twist. It is a heartwarming new way to look at an age old story.

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