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Pool Trick Shots: The Classic Shots

February 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 150

Ever since they have been around, pool trick shots have captivated the imaginary of billiards fans and even of the general public. The creativity of the shots and the way the performers always find a way to renew themselves at every time make the crowd for these types of events very loyal and inclined to come back to another event. Even with the numerous different shots being invented every year, some pool trick shots are simply classics. Most of these shots were created and popularized in the relatively early years of the sport and reproduced by many to become known all over the world as classic shots. Here are presented the top 5 shots:

The Machine Gun

There is actually two distinct variation of that particular trick. The first of the pool trick shots using the machine gun concept is executed with a line of object balls placed about a ball width away from a cushion. The cue ball is shot in a manner to roll it slowly towards a corner pocket where the player has to pocket every object ball by hitting them directly with the cue in series fast enough for them to go in before the cue ball. Executed properly, the cue ball is the first ball hit and the last ball falling.

The second variant of the "machine gun" pool trick shots involves a line of object balls too, but this time not against a cushion. The balls are setup more or less in the center of the table and shot directly with the cue stick in series. All of them have to travel around the table, contacting three cushions before being pocketed in the same pocket. The aspect of timing and accuracy is stepped up a notch in this one compared to the previous variation.

The Dollar Bill Shot

This is one of the better known pool trick shots. As a matter of fact, it is used in the major event Trick Shot Magic as a tiebreaker; the contestant landing closest to the dollar bill wins the match. The trick typically is performed with a 100$ bill placed on a short rail near a corner pocket. The banknote is the targeted landing zone. The shooter has to hit the cue ball off of eight or nine cushions to land as close as possible to the banknote.

The Boot Shot

That shot was popularized by an icon of artistic pool: Mike Massey. It involves a usually illegal shot since the cue ball is shot off the table to accomplish the trick. The trick's explanation is pretty straightforward; the cue ball is jumped off the table to land into a cowboy boot positioned on the floor. Variations of this trick have been made by others since its invention with different object to shoot the cue ball into, one-handed jump shots, etc.

The Bottle Shot

It's definitely one of the most entertaining pool trick shots out there. The setup of the shot is very unique; two balls are balanced on top of each other on top of a glass soda bottle. The shooter pockets a ball in the side pocket propelling the cue ball in the air to knock the bottom ball off the bottle and let the upper ball rest on top of the bottle. No need to say that the accuracy required for this shot is simply unbelievable.

The Butterfly

The trick gets its name from the setup of the shot which has six object balls in the middle of the table arranged in a butterfly shape. With a single shot, each ball is made in the six pockets of the table.

Craig Carter does not have a job related to billiards. He is working as a carpenter, building mostly staircases and ceilings. But, one day, about a decade ago, he decided to build his own pool table as a personal project and the result was that he absolutely fell in love with the game of pool. From then on he decided that he wanted to share that passion with other billiards fans and that the easiest way to achieve that was through the web. Carter writes articles about just any aspect of pool to help his fellow billiards fans to find reliable information as easily as possible.

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