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Whitby B and B Accommodation, a Popular Alternative to a Traditional Hotel

November 09, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 98

Whitby, in the County of North Yorkshire, is situated on the North East Coastline. The town has an ancient maritime heritage and a historical past. From its early beginnings from a wooden monastery perched on a cliff top, it has evolved through the ages to the town it is today. When St. Hilda founded Whitby Abbey in 657, little would it be imagined that this imposing building dominating the cliff top, would oversee centuries of history developing below her sacred grounds.

The earliest visitors to the town of Whitby were the Vikings, who unfortunately decided to pillage the town and destroy the Abbey (later to be rebuilt). Happily the modern day visitor to the town has no such destructive intent.

In the intervening years, however, the course of history has seen many different types of activities around the town. Captain Cook served his apprenticeship and set forth on his naval career from here. Captain William Scoresby, the great whaling captain, who, incidentally, invented the crow's nest lookout, sailed out of Whitby Harbour on his whaling expeditions. The port of Whitby was instrumental in the exportation of alum from the local mines and at one time had one of the largest fishing fleets on the North East Coast.

Since the Victorian times, Whitby has proved popular with tourists. The early Victorians came to Whitby for the 'invigorating air' and were to be seen in their bathing carriages on the sea shore, and taking strolls along the harbour side as can be seen in the early photographs of the area. With the advent of the North Eastern Railway, Whitby became more accessible to the general public and, of course, accommodation was need to meet the demand. There were a large number of magnificent buildings built on the West Cliff by George Hudson (The Railway King) and over the years these buildings have been converted into hotels. For many visitors, the tariffs of these establishments, were out of reach of the weekly wage.

Over time, there have been a large rise in the number of residents with larger than required houses, renting rooms to the general public. Recognised under the name of 'bed and breakfast' establishments, these home owners have provided a welcome alternative to the larger hotels. The rates charged by the bed and breakfast establishments are considerably less than the hotels, as their overheads are obviously less. This is not to say, however, that the standards are any the less. Many of the home-owners have developed and improved their properties over the years to bring them in line with smaller establishments in the hotel sector.

Certain quidelines and safety regulations must be in place to offer accommodation to the public. In order to operate, these home-owners must have fire precautions and certificates, public liability insurance and a general knowledge of food hygiene. The bed and breakfast accommodation providers provide an essential service to supplement the number of beds available at peak holiday times in the holiday season. Over the years, many of the guests may return repeatedly to the same bed and breakfast and recommend them to other guests. Many friendships have been forged in this way.

The homes which do open for bed and breakfast can be found almost anywhere in the town. They range from the larger detached houses and the larger semi-detached homes to perhaps the smaller modern family homes and bungalows. Anywhere, in fact, that has a spare room or two can be classed as a bed and breakfast place, and of course, a willing house owner prepared to welcome complete strangers into their home.

For more information about the wonderful town of Whitby, visit Whitby UK. For more information about Whitby B&B accommodation, visit Whitby B&B.

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