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Video Analysis, The Cornerstone Of Improving Pitching Velocity And Reducing The Risk Of Arm Injuries

May 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 255

Baseball pitching is considered to be one of the most complex actions in all of sports containing the fastest human motion - the acceleration of the arm. Video analysis is becoming more and more popular as a simple and more accurate way to assess mechanical problems that reduce pitching velocity and add stress to the arm.

Just as golf pros have figured out for years that the only accurate way to assess a complex and fast mechanical action is by using video analysis...with the ability to slow down the action and go frame-by-frame.

To videotape all that is required is a simple camcorder or even a cell phone since there are inexpensive phone apps that allow even parents to do their own analysis.

It is not clear why video analysis is not more mainstream during pitching lessons since it not only helps the instructor find the pitcher's mechanical faults, but it provides the feedback for the pitcher so he fully understands exactly what has been causing his problems. Until he learns exactly what has been holding him back, it will be impossible for him to make the correct adjustment so improvement can occur.

Most pitchers today are losing anywhere from 5-7 mph due to poor mechanics. Plus nearly 50% of youth and high school pitchers are pitching with pain each year.

By using video analysis those pitchers could learn how to improve their velocity and how to pitch without arm pain.

Most pitchers will have 2-3 major mechanical faults which hold them back. By videotaping the pitcher from three different angles - glove side, front and back, and comparing him side-by-side next to a major league pitcher with quality mechanics, the instructor is able to find the common faults that are easily recognized by video but nearly impossible to see using just the naked eye.

Video analysis software makes it relatively easy for anyone to do a video analysis including parents once they learn the common faults that create most of the pitchers problems.

Here are some of the common pitching actions that reduce pitching velocity and add stress to the arm which should be observed regularly using stop action video.

1. Back leg action

2. Posture

3. Separation of the hands

4. Low or high elbow

5. Glove arm action

6. Head and Arm position at landing

7. Landing knee position during hip and trunk rotation

8. Head and trunk position at ball release

What biomechanics has proven is that pitching velocity is the result of arm speed...not arm strength and that arm speed is the result of how fast the pitcher's trunk (shoulders) can rotate around the front leg and hip and how powerfully the pitcher is able to flex his trunk forward to deliver the arm like a whip.

However, in order to increase arm speed through trunk rotation speed and trunk flexion the pitcher must maximize his momentum by shifting his weight properly in the beginning and then optimizing the timing of his upper body and lower mechanics.

All of these important actions can only be observed using video analysis techniques

Video Allows Instructors To Provide Accurate Feedback To Pitchers

There are several mechanical faults in the beginning of the delivery that must be recognized and fixed in order to maximize arm speed.

This is where video analysis comes into play giving the instructor the ability to quickly find those common faults that create mechanical inefficiency...thus a loss in velocity and more stress to the arm.

More importantly video analysis allows the pitcher to get personal feedback to identify the specific faults that would otherwise be hidden from the instructors naked eye.

This feedback allows the pitcher to fully understand exactly what must be adjusted in his mechanics for improvement to occur.

We know then that a pitcher's mechanics is the key to both improving pitching velocity and reducing the risk of arm injuries.

Video analysis is the only way to provide an accurate assessment of a pitcher's delivery. Many pitchers are frustrated because they believe they should be throwing with higher velocity. By using video analysis on a regular basis pitchers are able to see the faults that are holding them back or creating arm problems and then go to work making the adjustments to help them improve.

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