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Mounted Basketball Hoops

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 145

With a mounted basketball hoop, a homeowner can hang one from a garage, roof, or the side of the house. It's ideal for those who don't have enough space for an in-ground model, or simply prefer a less permanent solution. While the in-ground and portable hoops take up at least some space, wall-mounted ones take up none at all.

The two options consumers have available to them are a backboard and rim combo or a system. With the combo, you receive just the backboard and rim. The system on the other hand includes a bracket that will hang the hoop. If you decide to purchase the bracket separately, then be sure to get one that is sold by the same manufacturer so you know that it will work properly.

Of course, you could also buy a combo because you already have a pole that you can use for your hoop. In that case, you simply attach the backboard and the rim to the pole and you're ready to go.

Mounted basketball hoops are wide ranging in terms of price. The side-mounted hoops that you might see in a gymnasium cost thousands. If you want the best mounted system for residential, then expect to pay over $1000 for it.

With the most expensive hoop, you typically will get a tempered glass backboard, a heavy-duty breakaway rim, and an adjustable mounting bracket. Glass is the most expensive and best performing backboard that you can purchase. The bracket allows you to raise or lower the hoop, and this typically ranges from 6-10 feet. The overhang is usually around 3 feet, which allows for play under the basket.

If you want the backboard to extend out from the wall, then the adjustable bracket is necessary. This what serious players want. For recreational play, a stationary bracket will suffice.

The advantage you have with just buying the combo is being able to select the bracket. If you buy the system, then you have to take whatever bracket comes with it. The most simple, inexpensive brackets don't provide any adjustability or little to no overhang. Essentially, the more money you spend, the better the performance.

The largest sized backboard I have seen for combos is 54", so you'll have to buy a system if you want something bigger. I don't believe that the systems however get any bigger than 60". To put into perspective, regulation sized backboards are 72" wide.

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Mounted Basketball Hoops

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