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How to Shoot

April 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 103

Putting the basketball through the hoop is the only way to score points in basketball. You can score 1 point, 2 points, or 3 points with a single shot. Scoring 1 point results from making a free throw, 2 points results from scoring from any area within the arc, and 3 points results from making a shot from outside the 3 point arc. There are many different approaches you can take at scoring the basketball, but you must first learn how to properly shoot the ball.

The mechanics of shooting a basketball start from the bottom up. Ideally, your feet should be shoulder width apart with your strong foot just in front of your other foot when you take every shot. Contrary to what you might think, a good shot is largely about using your legs. A strong base will allow you to create much more power than you would have with your feet any other way. Stepping into your shot will give you good balance. The next step is to actually use your legs to create the power I mentioned previously. You need to bend your knees to produce enough power for you to explode for a jump shot. This is up to your discretion because only you will know what feels right. As you begin to explode into your shot, bring the ball into shooting position. You will need to make sure that your elbow stays tight with your body, and it shouldn't bow out at all. At the peak of your jump, you will have removed your guide hand from the ball, and you will be ready to release the basketball. The actual shot is all about using your wrist. As you release the ball, you need to snap your wrist instead of just pushing the ball. When you follow through after you have released the shot, your pointer and middle finger will align with where the basketball is headed. If you hold your follow through, you will see where the basketball is headed, and you will be able to follow your shot.

When you are fouled during the act of shooting, you are given two free throws. Each throw can score your team one point. Free throws are one of the most telling stats in a basketball game. If a team makes their free throws, then they have a much greater chance at winning the game. Shooting free throws is dependent on the individual at the free throw line. Everyone has their own routine that they like to follow before shooting. After the referee bounces you the ball, no part of your body is allowed to cross the free throw line. You are allowed to bounce the ball in front of the line, and you can shoot from whatever position you'd like as long as you do not cross the line. Personally, I chose to bounce the ball twice, line up the grooves with my fingers, and then I would shoot. Some players, such as Nate Robinson, have more involved techniques. He would circle his body with the ball to pay tribute to each of his siblings. When you step up to the free throw line, you should remember the following saying. When you shoot free throws, there are three holes that you need to find. The first hole is a small nail whole in one of the boards on the free throw line. In every gym, there is a nail on one floorboard at the free throw line. This nail shows you exactly where the middle of the floor is. If you are right handed, you should line your right foot up with this nail, and vice versa. The next hole that you need to find is the hole where you pump up the ball. Once you find this hole, you should align it between your pointer and middle fingers. Finding this hole will give you a great amount of consistency in your shot. The last hole that you need to find is the basketball hoop. Concentrate on the back of the rim, and put the ball in through the hoop.

The 2 point field goal can be shot anywhere within the 3 point arc. One of the most useful shots that you can use inside the arc is the teardrop. When you are in a situation where the defenders that you are going up against are much taller than you, then the teardrop is extremely useful. When executing the teardrop, you must float the ball over the defender. To do this, you must make sure your ball reaches a peak height that is much higher than your normal shot. You will need to flick your wrist with this shot more than a normal shot. It's very easy to simply try to push the shot over the defender, but that isn't actually shooting the basketball. Flicking your wrist will give the ball a higher arch, and you will be able to shoot with your natural shooting rhythm.

Shooting a fade away shot can be very useful outside and inside the 3 point arc. Shooting a fade away is useful when you need to create space between yourself and the defender. A fade away is one of the more difficult shots to pull off in the game of basketball. When you normally take a shot, you are balanced and your body is square with the basket. When you fade away, you are falling back, and it will be much harder to stay square with the basket. Using your legs becomes even more important with the fade away. It's very easy to leave your shot short of the rim when you are fading away because it feels like a normal shot. You must realize that you need to put a little extra on your shot in order to get it to the rim. You can do this by using your legs for more explosion, or you can move your arm with greater violence. By greater violence, I mean with greater velocity. You can snap your wrist and elbow through much harder, and the ball will go further.

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