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How to Fix a Shooting Problem in Basketball

April 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 116

There are a few common problems that everyone in basketball faces throughout their career. The problems that I am about to discuss will continually pop up throughout your career, and they are easily fixed through minor tweaks in mechanics. Shooting the ball is obviously how you score points in basketball, and if you can't put the ball in the hoop, then you won't score any points. If you miss shots, then there is usually an easy fix that can be implemented by yourself even during the middle of a game.

Sometimes, when you shoot, your shot will fall short of the rim. You can either air ball a shot, or your shot can hit the front of the rim. This is nothing to be startled about, and you shouldn't try to incorporate any major change to fix this problem. Shooting the basketball is a very technical process, and minor tweaks in this process can be changed to fix these very minor problems. If you are leaving a ball short of the basket, you may not have a strong enough base. When you shoot, the power should come from your legs. If you use your arms too much during your shot, you will feel your shoulders, biceps, and elbow joints becoming sore throughout the game, and you will know that you need to use your legs more during your shot. Jump shooters should try to lift off the floor with more force in order to create enough lift and power to get their shot off at the apex of their jump.

Set shooters should bend their knees more. This increase in bend will create more force from the legs, and a transfer of energy will occur. Energy will be transferred from the legs and to the shot. Another way to ensure that your shot will not be left short is to make sure you hold your follow through. When you shoot the ball, you must be sure that you snap your wrist through all the way. If you do not snap your wrist, you create a shot put effect, and you will leave the ball short. Remember, on your follow through, your middle finger and pointer finger will be where your shot falls. If they are pointed to the sky, then your shot will fall short most of the time. During a jump shooters shot, if you do not release the ball during the peak of the jump, then you will probably leave the ball short. At the peak of the jump, all the energy has been transferred, and a shot will have the best chance of going in. If you shoot the ball on the way down, then you will be fighting your body, and the shot will be awkward and more than likely, it will be short. The last way to fix a shot that comes up short is to make sure that you are stepping into the shot with the correct foot. The foot underneath your shooting hand should be the foot that you step into your shot with. If you step in with the opposite foot, then you will be off balance, and your shot will come up short because you will not generate enough power in your legs.

If the shot is off to the left or the right of the hoop, then you are most likely fading in one direction. Everyone has heard of the fade away shot, but you can also fade to the left and fade to the right during your shot. If you are leaning left when you release a shot, all of our body weight is also leaning that way, and so is the motion of the ball. Consequently, the ball will hit left of the basket, and you will miss the shot. When you shoot, your shoulders should be square to the basket, and when you fade in any direction, your shoulders are most likely not even with the basket. You will then try to compensate for this by aiming the ball a different way, and the shot will be screwed up in many different ways. When you shoot, always make sure that your shoulders are square to the basket. Do not attempt to jump, turn, and shoot all in one motion. The turn should occur prior to the jump before the shot. Even a little problem in squaring up your shot can affect the path of the ball, and you should practice squaring up every time you shoot around. To do this, toss the ball with some backspin so that it spins back toward you. Run to the ball, pivot and square up, and then shoot.

If you notice that your shot never gets the same bounces as other players, or you are rimming out on shots, then you may not have enough backspin on your shot. Backspin is a crucial part of the shot for anyone. It is very unlikely that your ball will have no spin and be a knuckle ball, so you will probably have side spin if you do not have backspin. Side spin can send the ball out of the hoop or off of the backboard in a direction that you do not want it to go. Side spin comes from your off shooting hand giving the ball unnecessary rotation. When you release the ball, your off shooting hand should have no contact with the ball. It is on the side of the ball, and it should be released as your shooting hand goes through the motion. If it does have contact, it will be on the side, and side spin will be produced on your shot. Backspin also comes with a solid follow through. When you snap your wrist through, you create backspin with your middle and pointer fingers. If you hit the back of the rim, and your ball has backspin, it creates downward force, and your ball will fall through the net.

None of these adjustments come naturally, and you must practice in order to be a consistent shooter.

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